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​Steve Irwin's Son Does His Dad Proud On 'The Tonight Show'

​Steve Irwin's Son Does His Dad Proud On 'The Tonight Show'

Robert did his dad proud by talking passionately about animals, introducing Jimmy Fallon to several creatures

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Steve Irwin's 14-year-old son Robert appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, bringing with him a gang of pygmy goats named after the cast of Friends, a kookaburra that makes noises just like Cardi B and a capybara called Javier. Oh, and an alligator called Curly, too.

Robert Irwin began the segment by talking about his late father, 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin, who tragically passed away in 2006 - and who was recently given a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"It was such an amazing honour," said Robert, who attended the unveiling ceremony with mum Terri and sister Bindi.

"He's really one of the only conservationists honoured on the Walk of Fame, so it's great to continue his message and really keep his dream alive."


He said that the star was right next to Johnny Cash's, which is something that his father would have loved, adding: "Whenever we'd go camping, Dad would sit by the fire and sing Johnny Cash. That was his thing, so it's really special."

For the rest of the interview, Robert did his dad proud by talking passionately about animals, firstly introducing Jimmy to a herd of baby African pygmy goats.

Then out came one of Australia's most iconic creatures, a kookaburra - which also proceeded to poo on the carpet, much to Jimmy's disgust.

The bird apparently made noises just like Cardi B's signature 'Okurrr' sound, but sadly didn't feel up to performing on the day, despite Jimmy and Robert's best efforts to instigate the sound.

"You know this one doesn't actually call out," Robert laughed. "I just wanted you to get to do the noise."

Robert then presented Jimmy with a capybara, which essentially looks like a giant guinea pig.


"Look at the size of him! Isn't he amazing?" Robert exclaimed.

"He's got huge teeth, massive teeth - they never stop growing. They actually eat grass and go through eight pounds of grass a day. Isn't that wild?"

He added: "They're from the Amazon in South America. They're really interesting - once they get this big, the only predators that they have are jaguars. That's really the only thing that would touch one of these guys."

For his final trick, Robert warned that they had 'a big one' coming up, producing an alligator called Curly.


"My dad called them frogs with sharp teeth," Robert said, welcoming his mum and sister on stage to make a cameo appearance - and for a bit of help with Curly, we're guessing.

"You can see they do sort of look like a frog, they're really cute," Robert continued.

"But in those jaws they've got a really high jaw pressure, and they'll clamp down and not let go."

While Jimmy looked down in fear, Robert then kissed the gator on its head - showing that it wasn't just Steve Irwin's love for animals that was passed down through his kids, but also sheer balls.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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