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Stranger Things Fans Reckon There Could Be A Huge Twist In Season Four

Stranger Things Fans Reckon There Could Be A Huge Twist In Season Four

The fan theories are coming thick and fast

Heads up Stranger Things fans - this article contains heavy spoilers about the season three finale, so if you've not seen it yet and want to enjoy it spoiler-free, then click away. OK? Good.

After what felt like a cruelly long wait, the third season of Stranger Things finally landed on Netflix, and it did not disappoint.

Now, with a presumably equally as long wait for season four, fans are already pulling together theories and discussing what they reckon might happen next.

One of the most popular fan theories is centred on perhaps the most shocking twist in the season's finale - the death of beloved Jim Hopper.

Fans are hopeful that Hopper made it.

In case you've had some sort of amnesiac episode and can't remember, poor Hopper (David Harbour) looks to be brown bread after Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) was forced to detonate the machine that kept the gate to the Upside Down open.

It seems very unlikely that our pal Hopper managed to survive such an explosion, right? Except for the little post-credit scene in which a couple of Russian guys make reference to an unseen 'American'. Could that be Hopper? Well, plenty of people seem to think so.

Speculation from fans suggest that Hopper was able to escape into the Upside Down, dodging the explosion, and was able to reappear through another portal in the USSR, hence him being captured by soviets.

Even actor David Harbour wasn't able to shed any light on the whole thing.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about the theory that Hopper is alive and kicking in Russia, he said: "I mean, I have no idea! I have no idea! I mean that, of course, is my hope too. It seems pretty crazy though.

"You know, that machine went off and blew up and Hopper seemed to be trapped there. He did glance around a little bit, but he seemed to be trapped and the machine exploded.

"And then you cut to, what was it? It starts with a 'K' or something - some town in Russia, right? Where there's some American and there's some other prisoner. I don't know, I mean it seems strange. I don't know how though."

I'm keeping everything crossed for you, mate.

But there's a differing fan theory that is also picking up a lot of attention, with some people claiming the American in the Russian cell is actually Dr Martin Brenner, who we haven't seen since season one.

Other fans reckon the unseen American is Dr Brenner.

In case you can't quite remember that far back, Brenner was one of the scientists who experimented on Eleven at the Hawkins National Laboratory. He's not been seen since it looked as though he met his grim demise after a run-in with the Demogorgon.

However, viewers were never actually shown his death and in season two another scientist said that Brenner was, in fact, alive.

So, are we set to see him back and as awful as ever in season four, or will we be lucky enough to get Hopper back; what do you guys think?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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