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Study Finds That People Who Watch Loads Of Reality TV Are Self-Important And Vain

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Study Finds That People Who Watch Loads Of Reality TV Are Self-Important And Vain

Ahh reality TV stars, the bottom feeders of the entertainment world. Except I'm A Celeb and Strictly, they're undeniably entertaining.

Everything else though - utter trash.

Life is short, there are a million better things to do than watch relatives of famous people doing something ball-achingly dull. You're better than that.

Except some people aren't. There's a reason reality TV is still a thing and that's because people still watch it.


In a recent study conducted for the journal, Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 565 TV viewers were asked to fill in a questionnaire about narcissism.

Narcissism is characterised by vain, grandiose behaviour and a lack of empathy for others.

The respondents who watched a lot of TV scored higher for narcissism, and those who watched a lot of reality TV scored even higher.


People who liked news shows tended to score a bit lower.

'Interestingly, preference for news was negatively related to narcissism,' the researchers wrote.

I guess that's because those who watch the news are too busy being miserable about the world they live in to worry about themselves.

Words by Matthew Cooper

Topics: Reality TV, Big Brother

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