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Terry Crews 'Auditions' For King Triton Role In Brilliant Video

Terry Crews 'Auditions' For King Triton Role In Brilliant Video

As you're probably aware, just about every Disney film is in the process of being transformed into a live-action remake.

You may also be aware that The Little Mermaid is one such film and you may also recall that King Triton, Ariel's dad, was a pretty damn hench cartoon merman.


As such, it only makes sense that the beastly Terry Crews gets the part; Crews himself certainly seems to think so anyway.

The 50-year-old actor shared an 'audition tape' on Instagram, in which he laid out his credentials through the medium of song and with the assistance of a few very low budget 'special effects'.

In the video, Crews performs 'Under the Sea'... but with some personalised lyrical alterations.

He sings: "Under the sea! Under the sea! My pecs are better, my Triton is bigger, take it from me! Need a refresher? watch @AGT!"


(AGT is America's Got Talent by the way, which he hosts).

Terry's daughter, Azriél, didn't seem best impressed though, commenting on the video by simply saying 'Dad', along with a face palm emoji and a crying laughing emoji.

If you, however, quite liked the audition, but wondered where the hell it came from, you should know this is actually part of a sustained campaign from the actor to land himself the part.

He has previously shared a photo-shopped picture of himself against the backdrop of King Triton's majestic ocean palace, captioning the mock-up: "Ariel's Dad!!!! HEAR ME OUT!!"

Clearly, his fans at least have been hearing him out, with one even going to the effort of creating a petition to get Disney to give him the role.

The petition - which was started by Gabriel McArthur on - reads: "I don't know why grown adults care so much about the casting of mermaids. Mermaids are imaginary creatures. I also don't know why Disney can't come up with an original idea these days.

"BUT it's nice to see new representations in familiar stories. Terry Crews is a great actor and I honestly can't picture anyone else playing King Triton in the live action Little Mermaid. I'm betting you agree. So sign it! You know you wanna."

I certainly wouldn't want to be the one at Disney who has to turn him down anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Terry Crews

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