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Terry Crews Is Keen To Make Gears Of War Movie With Dave Bautista

Terry Crews Is Keen To Make Gears Of War Movie With Dave Bautista

This needs to happen

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A Gears of War movie has been planned for years now, with rumours or hints periodically popping up that we might finally get to see a flick based upon the popular computer game first released in 2006.

However, as yet, none of them have come to fruition, with the movie seemingly stuck in 'development' for years.

Now, Dave Bautista has announced that he's desperate to get the movie up and running and that he's 'tried everything' to get it to happen.

Responding to a fan earlier this month, Bautista said that Hollywood was 'listening' to demands to get the film made but that it 'could give AF'.

But now there's not just one Hollywood-favourite throwing his backing behind the movie, because Terry Crews has also revealed he is very keen to star in a Gears of War movie alongside Bautista.

And I think I speak for all of us when I say, 'please, guys, make this happen'.

It kicked off when actor Stephen Ford tweeted to say: "Hear me out. Dave Bautista and Terry Crews - Gears of War movie."

The post quickly racked up the 'likes', more than 2,500 to be exact. And eventually the post was spotted by Crews who replied to say he liked the idea 'very much'.

In fact, he likes it 'a lot'.

Then Bautista saw the post and he announced that he would also be happy to star (as Marcus) alongside Crews.

Bautista even went one further and admitted that he'd just be happy to star in any movie alongside Crews. Did anyone else not see this bromance happening? Either way, I am very much in favour of it - even more so if it means a Gears of War movie is finally going to be made.

Naturally fans are happy about the whole thing, with one telling Bautista he was 'born for the role' of Marcus and others saying Crews would be the ideal Cole Train.

While another insisted: "Hollywood needs to make this happen."

A third said: "It would be like The Expendables but with mutants and I'm here for it."

You and me both, pal.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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