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That's So Random: Summer Heights High Turns 12 Today

That's So Random: Summer Heights High Turns 12 Today

If you like weekly reminders of how old you are, then we take absolute pride in letting you know one of Australia's funniest comedies in history has turned 12.

Yes, that's right, Chris Lilley's best work of art, Summer Heights High, has hit the big one-two, giving us a perfect occasion to reminisce on why it was so brilliant.


If you're unfamiliar with this show (we feel sorry for you if that's the case), then all you need to know is that Chris plays three very different, very funny characters.

He embodies Year 8 student Jonah Takalua from Tonga, performing arts teacher extraordinaire Mr G and totally quiche exchange student Ja'mie King.

They all have their moments over the show, like Jonah's breakdancing battle, Mr G's musical about a girl who died from a drug overdose (who else sings 'she's a naughty girl with a bad habit, bad habit for drugs'?) and Ja'mie's dance performance.

While the show copped criticism for its controversial portrayal of issues such as mental disabilities, homosexuality, sexual abuse, and racism, it has been a favourite for people to quote all over the place.


"I don't want to look slut, but sort of semi-slut," Ja'mie tells her totally hot friends.

Or what about Mr G's classic: "Thank god you're here, where have you been bitch?"

Jonah's complete lack of understanding about bullying was encapsulated in: "There's a difference between bullying and joking around. He just doesn't get it, sir."

But that's not to say the show was without fault.

As mentioned before, it was lambasted for crossing the line a little too many times on sensitive issues.

There were some concerns that the show was encouraging people to misbehave at school because of Ja'mie and Jonah's attitudes.

When Mr G decided to do a musical about the student's ecstasy overdose, the family of a young woman called Annabel who died from the same fate at a music festival weren't happy because they thought the programme was using her death as material for the show.

Image result for naughty girl summer heights highImage result for naughty girl summer heights high

The ABC ended up apologising to Alison Catt and her family, adding: "We apologise that this has caused further distress to the family.

"Unfortunately, as the series was already completely filmed and the production closed down, it was impossible to alter the name of the character."

It didn't help that the woman who died in real life and the character on the show held the same first name.

But let's not let that distract us that even 12 years since it debuted, it's still an Aussie classic.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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