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The Awkward Moment On 'First Dates' When Exes Matched

Michael Minay

| Last updated 

The Awkward Moment On 'First Dates' When Exes Matched

Is there anything more awkward than getting ready for a date, waiting at the bar and seeing an ex? Well, what about if that date WAS your former love buddy?

First Dates returned to our screens last night, with that exact cringe-inducing moment. Poor Emma was sat at the bar, waiting her mystery man, but then in walks Peter.

Her face said it all...

"This is mad," says a baffled Peter. Emma was initially stunned into silence.


Emma doesn't exactly help things by telling him that she 'would have walked out again' if she had strolled in and seen him at the bar (harsh).

Credit: Channel 4 / First Dates

Legendary romancer Fred, the 'host' of the restaurant, told them: "We've got to give it another go."


So, they try, for what possibly was just a big excuse to air unfinished business on national television.

Emma, still bitter, drops the bombshell that Peter dumped her by text... and then blocked her on Instagram.

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When asked, by Emma, if he's still water-skiing and other sports, Peter responds: "Yes, but obviously, you can't see it because I blocked you."

Prince Charming was then right up against it, as the waitress takes sides with Emma. There's no hiding the shock and disgust she displays across her face.


Emma called him out again, as she said: "I don't know why you went all weird." Peter replied: "It wasn't that, but after the break-up you had a small dig at me, and I don't do drama or confrontation."

"I just think you could have done it in a better way," Emma snapped. "I don't do text dumping."

It was at that point that Twitter went into outrage...


It seems the LADbible community is no stranger to a text dumping either. Laura, 23, told LADbible that sometimes, binning someone by message was the easiest thing to do.

"I dumped him by text because he never came home and was always taking the piss. He never did any jobs, and I'd just had enough of him in general," she said.

"He wasn't bothered at first and then was trying all sorts to get me back," she added. "I found it hilarious." However, Laura did take him back, saying that he has started to pull his weight, and they are now living happily together.

Meanwhile, Will, a 25-year-old, said that he took the option as an easy get-out clause.

"I'd only been seeing her for a couple of weeks," he said to LADbible. "I was on the way home from her flat and decided I wasn't interested any more. So, I just sent her a text saying I'd met someone else, which I hadn't.

"I guess I did it because it was the easiest way, not very nice I know," he continued. "It was pretty mean. Anyway, I deleted and blocked the number so I could never read her reply, and never say her again."

Will is now happily shacked up, and has been for the last couple of years.

At the end of the programme, when they sit down together, Emma ultimately decided that she could not take him back, again.

Clearly there won't be the wedding bells on the horizon for those two. But, even if there were, they'd have to negotiate the next awkward stage of their relationship. The first dance...

Yep, that wasn't awkward at all.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4 / First Dates

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Michael Minay
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