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The Trailer For Mitchell And Webb's New Show Is Here

The Trailer For Mitchell And Webb's New Show Is Here

Can't wait for this

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

The trailer for the new David Mitchell and Robert Webb sitcom is here, so it's time to get excited.

The comedy duo are staring in new Channel 4 show Back, which will be their first joint project since Peep Show ended back in 2015. And I can't bloody wait.

Credit: Back/Channel 4

As well as reuniting the El Dude brothers, the new show is written by Simon Blackwell, who worked as a writer on Peep Show. It also stars Louise Brealey, from Sherlock.

Back follows Stephen (played by Mitchell), the son of a well-loved pub landlord who dies and leaves the pub to him.

Similar to Peep Show, Mitchell's character's life hasn't really gone to plan and all he has to show for himself is a failed marriage and a short stint as a lawyer.


Stephen's former foster brother Andrew (played by Webb) on the other hand, has a bit more going for him. However, Stephen reckons that underneath his likeable persona lurks a sociopath, determined to steal his life.


The air date for the six episode series hasn't been confirmed yet, but its rumoured to be hitting our screens in the autumn.

Speaking to the Guardian last year, Phil Clarke, head of comedy for Channel 4, said: "To have Mitchell and Webb and Simon Blackwell working together is a very exciting prospect.

"It's a unique configuration of some seriously big comedy minds. Simon has written a very funny and clever script with a strong emotional heart that takes Robert Webb and David Mitchell in a new and genuinely intriguing direction."

It's got a hell of a lot to live up to, what with Peep Show being the best sitcom ever and all that (disagree? Fight me), but I'm more than willing to give it a go.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/Back

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