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The Umbrella Academy Teases Picture Of Second Season Script

The Umbrella Academy Teases Picture Of Second Season Script

A photo of a script was shared on social media with the caption: "We've seen the future."


The script was for an episode called 'Right Back Where We Started', which presumably will be the name of the second season premiere, judging from the mysterious caption.

"Leak the whole plot I dare you," one fan urged.

Someone else had similar ideas, writing: "Hope they pull a Tom Holland and just leak the whole thing by accident."

Another person said: "I can see the future too. I see that this next season is gonna be amazing!!"


A fourth wrote: "To say I cant wait is an understatement."

The programme is an adaptation the comic books series of the same name by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way and Gabriel .

It revolves around a band of 'estranged siblings with extraordinary powers', who are reunited by their father's death - a mystery that they must solve together.

Showrunner Steve Blackman - who will return for the second season - described the show as 'a dysfunctional family with a body count' in a press junket for the first series.

"At its heart it's a dysfunctional family show," he explained.

"Having special abilities are wonderful, but that's really just the incendiary part of it. I think it's this family coming together, regrouping, finding each other ... that for me was the sole vision."

Netflix announced the second season would be coming soon back in April, joking that it would mean 'reading even more of your disturbing Robert Sheehan thirst tweets'.

The season two order includes 10 one-hour episodes, and will be produced by UCP (Universal Content Productions) for Netflix.

Production will begin this summer in Toronto, Canada.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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