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Theory Claims Iron Throne Itself Could Be The Key To Defeating The Night King

Theory Claims Iron Throne Itself Could Be The Key To Defeating The Night King

With only two shorter seasons of Game of Thrones left, people are beginning to speculate as to how the epic fantasy series is going to end.

Will Daenarys Targaryen take back the Iron Throne that was taken from her father Aerys by Robert Baratheon? Will Jon Snow remain King in the North? Will Cersei's scheming be the catalyst for her demise? Will the Night King get past The Wall and fuck the lot of them?


It really is anyone's guess.

Despite all the speculation as to how the series is going to end, one theory kicked off by Redditor batteryramdar seems to trump all the rest.

He cites this interview with George RR Martin as the start of it...

If you didn't catch that, what the author of A Song of Ice and Fire is saying is that Valyrian steel is magic and so must be made through a combination of magic, dragon fire and advanced steel work only the Valyrians can do - which isn't any good to anybody because the techniques have been lost.


However, another Redditor called aonf quickly added to the theory by reminding everyone that the Iron Throne itself, what everyone has been fighting over all this time, is made of regular swords fused together by dragon fire.

Now, as we have discovered in the TV series, the only way to kill white walkers for good is to slash them with some Valyrian steel, made by dragon fire. The only problem is, there aren't many Valyrian blades in Westeros, except for the Iron Throne itself.

However, if the Iron Throne was disassembled, there'd be one thousand weapons available to men to kill the white walkers. The symbolism here is huge of course, as it'd literally be the destroying of something men have been fighting and killing each other for, for the survival of everybody they've probably fought against at some point.

That make sense?

Anyway, another Redditor called notgoneyet added to the theory by saying he thought George RR Martin's bittersweet ending he's said so much about is actually that the white walkers destroy the world of men, take over Westeros and just as the Night King sits on the Iron Throne, he shatters and winter is over, leaving whoever survived the army of the dead's onslaught to rebuild Westeros.

Now that would be a fucking sick ending and I wouldn't put anything past the Game of Thrones producers to be perfectly honest.

My personal opinion is that Samwell Tarly will discover how to create Valyrian steel in the Citadel just as Daenarys arrives with her dragons. That Qybern bloke will survive because he will promise Daenarys he can create Valyrian steel blades to fight the army of the dead. Jaime Lannister will be sent up to serve on The Wall with a bunch of Lannister banner men and some Valyrian steel in tow. Jon Snow and the northerners will team up with Jaime to defeat the army of the dead. Almost everybody lives happily ever after.

But this is Game of Thrones so I doubt there'll be much happinss by the end.

Words by George Pavlou

Featured image via HBO

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