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There's A Hidden Meaning Behind Daenerys' Hair On Game of Thrones

There's A Hidden Meaning Behind Daenerys' Hair On Game of Thrones

Our Dany's hair had more to it than meets the eye

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

You might even be one of the 1 per cent of the population that always proudly announce they have never seen a Game of Thrones episode - but the chances are you've seen Daenerys' hair.

What you might not have noticed is that there is a hidden message behind her different styles, relating to the blood and gore that she's inflicted on various other characters.


If you cast your mind wayyyy back to season one, we first get an insight into Dany's sass.

Well before she turned into the Mad Queen, she let her brother know why she had braids and he didn't.

He was a bit of a knob wasn't he, but Dany put him firmly in his place, when she explained the Dothraki way with hair, telling him in no uncertain terms that the braids are symbolic of victories.

She then ripped in to him and said that because he hadn't made any, he wasn't permitted to wear one.

You'll also probably recall that since then, she's acquired some badass dragons - which not only means defeat hasn't really been on the cards, but also, in turn, that she's now rocking a pretty complex system of braids.

Which is why it all makes sense that her braids have become more and more elaborate - because she's been doing loads more killing.

There was a time when Dany wasn't a total killing machine.

Not only this, but her length has changed as well. In the Dothraki way, the length of their hair is also telling of how good they are at battle. When they lose, they cut off their braids and hair to show that they have been defeated.

Before Khal Drogo died - Daenerys' late husband - he had never once lost a battle. I imagine for a Dothraki that this is the sexiest of the sexy, and that is why his hair was so long - he was dangerous and not to be messed with.

But it must be hard for makers of the show to keep on top of all those braids, it would be a bit much to expect them to redo them for every scene, and I bet they're WELL uncomfortable for poor Emilia. So they used wigs - and where there's a mistake to be spotted, us Game of Thrones fans are the ones to do it.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted she was wearing the wrong one in one scene when she arrived in Winterfell. Did they think that would get past us?

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Game of Thrones concludes on Sky Atlantic at 2am on Monday 20 May, then repeats in the UK and Ireland at 9pm that same day.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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