There's A New Killer Clown Movie Called Crepitus And It Looks Horrific

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There's A New Killer Clown Movie Called Crepitus And It Looks Horrific

It's not a good year for those of us with coulrophobia, or fear of clowns, what with IT being one of the biggest films of the year, clowns featuring heavily in this year's season of American Horror Story and people are already popping up dressed as the buggers.

If, for some unfathomable reason, that's not enough clowns for you then let me introduce you to new horror flick Crepitus, which stars an even creepier clown than Pennywise. The trailer is pretty gross, check it out:

Credit: Ginger Knight Entertainment / Crepitus


Crepitus is a killer clown who, like Pennywise, enjoys eating children. He marks out the ones he wants to kill by putting an X on their forehead.

The film follows a 17-year-old girl, Elizabeth, and her younger sister, Sam, who find themselves picked out by Crepitus as his next victims and they have to battle the evil fucker in an attempt to survive.

Crepitus, which is also the medical name for cracking your joints, is horrifically gruesome, so it's perfect for Halloween.


The film's director, Haynze Whitmore, told Horror Fuel: "I believe that Crepitus will be unique and dementedly charming. This film won't be full of quick, cheap thrills but an intense storyline that will keep the viewer glued to their seat.

"Lately I've watched some of these new horror films that claim to be the scariest thing you will ever see, but tend to fall short. Eddie Renner and myself really want to make a truly, intensely haunting film that people will be talking about for years to come."


The movie is out in the US from 15 October.

Featured Image Credit: Ginger Knight Entertainment / Crepitus

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