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This Is What The Matrix Would Look Like Without Special Effects

This Is What The Matrix Would Look Like Without Special Effects

This is so cool.

You only have to watch films from a few years back to see how far special effects have come. SFX and computer generated imagery is in pretty much everything now, and it is often so good you don't even notice. This wasn't always the case.

For example, if you can watch any scenes from Hulk from the 2003 film without cringing then you're a braver person than me.

Or what about Will Smith's I Am Legend in 2007, or King Kong in 2005? Don't believe me? Just search for some clips after you've finished reading this epic article.

If you've ever wondered what your favourite films would look like without special effects or CGI, then wonder no longer because the clever folk at CineFix have dedicated a whole series to showing us just that. And the results are amazing.

The Matrix is one of the most iconic films of all time. How often has that bullet-dodge-effect been 'borrowed' by other movies?

Unusually, though, the film's reliance on special effects has barely dated it at all. Re-watching this recently, I was surprised by how modern it feels when considering it was made in 1999.

So, what do you guys think? Would the film still have earned cult status without the use of computers?

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