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Throwback To When Alex Reid Appeared On ITV's Gladiators & Was Rubbish

Throwback To When Alex Reid Appeared On ITV's Gladiators & Was Rubbish

For people of a certain ages, Gladiators was must-watch Saturday night telly. Everyone loved it - crazy games played at break-neck speed by physically ripped gladiators against contestants from different walks of life.

The show had a whole host of stars, Ulrika Jonsson, John Fashanu, John Anderson, and - of course - The Wolfman.


What you might have missed, though, was that a future celebrity starred in Gladiators before he was famous.

Yes, former Mr Katie Price and celebrity drag act Alex Reid/Roxanne took part in the show in 1998.

He didn't do so well either. In fact, he was rubbish.

Alex Reid on Gladiators
Alex Reid on Gladiators

In the climbing wall event he was pulled down by the gladiator Ace, who hadn't even started to climb the wall after just two seconds.


Have a look at the video for yourself - he's crap.

Weirdly enough, this was just one of a number of appearances that he made on telly around that time to try to break into showbiz.

He plays a waiter in Sliding Doors alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, and had a recurring role in Hollyoaks for some time.

After his acting career didn't go exactly how he had planned he moved into mixed martial arts, fighting on a whole load of UK promotions including BAMMA and Cage Rage.

He wasn't the best at that either - he eventually left with a mixed record and found something he was actually good at.

Well, sort of. He won Celebrity Big Brother in 2010, which was especially good for him considering he got booed on his way into the house and isn't really a celebrity (although that has never stopped anyone else from appearing on CBB).

In recent years he has made headlines for his marriage to (and then divorce from) Katie Price. He also made news for his transvestite alter-ego Roxanne.

Despite the two divorcing in 2011, Price is currently being investigated on revenge porn charges after she allegedly showed a sex tape of her and Reid to a studio audience at a filming of Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side.

One witness to the alleged events at Elstree Studios said: "She had asked us if we wanted to see it, and none of us replied,

"We all watched it, but we didn't react. No one was laughing or cheering her on or anything like that. We didn't want to encourage her."

Reid told the Sunday People last year: "I have reported her. Enough is enough. After seven years of bullying, harassment and threats I've had enough.

"I've been persecuted and it has to stop somewhere. Ultimately I want to be friendly. I did love her once but she is causing me, and everyone around me, my loved ones, so much pain.

"For someone who has taken videos and recordings without my consent or knowledge when I was intoxicated... I am mortified and disgusted."

Price denies the allegations, saying that she "wouldn't stoop to that level".

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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