'Time Traveller' From 2030 Tells Australia A Woman Will Be US President

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'Time Traveller' From 2030 Tells Australia A Woman Will Be US President

We've seen tons of people pretending to be time travellers come from ApexTV, the YouTube channel that specialises in 'paranormal and mysterious videos'.

Now a supposed time traveller from the year 2030 has rocked up on an Australian radio show, claiming that the granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr will be US President.

The man, known only as 'Noah' - who was shown on ApexTV just a few days ago miraculously passing a lie detector test - stunned Aussie radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O.




In the interview, broadcast on Sydney radio station KIIS 1065, Noah claimed that in the future a woman called Ilana Remikee will become US president of the US when she is aged just 21.

"She's the granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr," Noah explained to the presenters on the show.

"She's 21 at the time, but they pass a new law that basically makes it so you can be younger as president."


The presenters seemed stunned by the prediction, as Kyle asked Noah to repeat what he just said before adding 'Wow'. Wow, indeed.

On the show this morning, Noah - whose face and identity are unknown - also claimed that he takes 'anti-aging pills' to stop the stress of time travel from turning him all wrinkly.

Noah explained that although he may seem like a young man, he is in fact 'older than he looks'. Right.


"When you time travel you gain time," Noah told the hosts, who didn't seem entirely convinced.

'When I was in junior high and I was a time traveller, I had to take these pills to make sure I don't grow old while time travelling."

After Kyle challenged him, Noah explained that the pills are to keep him the age he is, not to make him younger. It's amazing what modern medicine can do, isn't it?

Some of Noah's other outlandish claims on the show include that it will be possible to design your own babies in the future.


However, he warned that the process will be 'really costly' so we shouldn't expect to have our own Gucci kids any time soon.

"There is some boundaries, but you can design them. But it's really, really costly," Noah said. "You can avoid diseases, too, which is really helpful, but then again it's really expensive."

Credit: YouTube/ApexTV
Credit: YouTube/ApexTV

Noah's appearance on ApexTV looks to have captured the imagination more than other ApexTV videos, maybe due to him claiming to be from a future that isn't all that distant.


Just a few of the things Noah said will happen in the original video include Donald Trump being re-elected in 2020, Bitcoin being used more, artificial intelligence becoming huge by 2021, electric cars that can travel at 600mph and humans flying to Mars in 2028.

2028 will also be the same year that time travel is made public, apparently. Guess at least then we can see if Noah is right.

Featured Image Credit: Kyle and Jackie O

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