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Two New Documentaries Featuring David Attenborough Are Being Produced

Two New Documentaries Featuring David Attenborough Are Being Produced

The world loves Sir David Attenborough and he loves the world.


He's taken us on visual journeys into places we'd never get to see. We get to observe strange animals and habitats that no one knew existed until Davey plonked it on our telly.

Well, it appears that he's back with a brand new documentary series.

Entitled One Planet, Seven Worlds, Sir Dave will tell us - in his own inimitable style - all about life on the planet's seven continents and use state of the art technology to show us how the conditions and characteristics of each unique place affect the creatures that live there.

What's more, off the back of the widely popular Planet Earth and Blue Planet series, Sir David will also appear in a BBC and PBS joint venture called Green Planet, which will focus purely on plants and how they work, according to Deadline.

Whilst David will feature in that, we don't know whether he'll be the main attraction or not.


BBC Controller of Factual Commissioning Alison Kirkham said: "The BBC has a unique commitment to factual programming. I don't believe any other broadcaster in British television has such an extraordinary breath of output in Factual.

"Plenty of other broadcasters are now following our lead, but we're determined to keep moving the conversation forwards.

"That's what makes the BBC special - the desire to anticipate and stimulate the national conversation, not motivated by commercial imperatives or what's in fashion."

"It's always been important to me that we are a department with integrity and in turn it means that people have been generous enough to trust us with their most intimate stories - be that filmmakers, contributors, or famous faces. Tonight I re-affirm that commitment."

Even though we got our fix with Dynasties only late last year, there's no such thing as too much Attenborough. That latest series was praised to the high heavens for showing us how animal families work.

Some of the animals in the spotlight were emperor penguins, tigers, lions, chimpanzees and, interestingly, hunting dogs.

Speaking about the experience, the episode's director and producer, Rosie Thomas, said: "We had the opportunity to spend this long time with them, to get to know them.

"And every single one of those chimps in that group had a different personality, and different character, and we got to know those - and by being able to get to know those we were able to read them a lot better, and therefore able to bring each story because we could see how those relationships were forming and changing."

There's no word on when the two new documentaries will be coming but at least we know they're on the way.

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