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The Chuckle Brothers Launched 'ChuckleVision' 30 Years Ago Today

The Chuckle Brothers Launched 'ChuckleVision' 30 Years Ago Today

Can you name many famous people from Rotherham? The South Yorkshire town's perhaps most famous as the birthplace of former England goalkeeper David Seaman, as well as 2010's World Cup Final referee Howard Webb - which isn't a bad haul, as celebs go.

And then, of course, there's the Chuckle Brothers.


Responsible for Chucklevision - one of the greatest TV children's TV shows to ever hit our screens - Barry and Paul Chuckle (né Elliott) mark 30 years of their beloved comedy creation today. Yes, on 27 September 1987, the first episode was aired - going on to spawn 21 series and 292 episodes of slapstick and brilliant buffoonery.

Relive the opening scene from classic Chucklevision episode 'The Lift'

Credit: BBC

Chucklevision focused around the cheery duo's hapless undertakings, and provided us with plenty of laughs as they invariably failed to get the job done properly.


The show also gave us their immortal catchphrase, 'to me, to you' - which became such a hallmark of their act that they even used it as the title of a spin-off gameshow in the late 1990s.

The pair were joined on screen by their two older brothers, Brian and Jimmy Elliot - better known as the Patton brothers, who originally began performing as a double act in 1954. Jimmy could regularly be heard on the show uttering his own mantra - 'no slacking!'

In fact, it was a show full of catchphrases, even turning some commonplace sayings into memorably quotable lines. 'Oh dear,' they'd say once a problem had arisen, followed by 'oh dear, oh dear' and 'oh dear, oh dear, oh dear'. Hey, it worked.

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Credit: PA

The pair kept us entertained right up until Chucklevision was axed in 2009, after 22 years, leaving us with a sense of loss in our hearts.

But have no fear, the pair are still alive (despite hoax reports in 2010, which claimed Barry had suffered a heart attack). They still tour the country, and you can see them regularly.

They remain huge fans of Rotherham United, even allowing their footballing affinity to trickle into the show, and both still go down to the New York Stadium to watch their beloved team.

Every Christmas, without fail, they appear in a pantomime. This year, it's those on the south coast that will be the lucky ones, as Barry and Paul will be appearing in Snow White And The Seven Dwarves in Southampton - last year's helping was Jack And The Beanstalk in Nottingham.

With freshers currently starting new lives at university, the pair can also be seen touring the country's student unions for meet-and-greets - they were in Stirling, Scotland, only a couple of weeks ago, proving they remain as popular as ever.

And, who could forget their 2014 collaboration with Tynchy Stryder for the single named after their catchphrase, 'To Me, To You (Bruv)'? The single went on to raise funds for the African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust.

The success of that led them to do a 20-minute set at Bestival in 2015, which the pair cited as the biggest crowd they ever performed in front of.

Hard to believe it's almost 10 years since the last Chucklevision aired - wouldn't we all tune in to see them take just one more ride on the Chuckmobile?

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