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'Venom' Post-Credits Scene Sheds Light On A Possible Sequel

'Venom' Post-Credits Scene Sheds Light On A Possible Sequel

No spoilers. Well, almost no spoilers

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Marvel and Tom Hardy fans, the wait is over. Venom has hit cinemas in the UK today and, before the dust has even settled on the first film, fans are talking about the possibility of another one.

Why? Well, it's because there were a couple of post-credits scenes that developed the plot of the movie forward to what will surely be another Venom flick.

Without giving anything away about the plot of the film, it looks like the next film will see more alien symbiotes similar to the one that inhabits Tom Hardy's character, Eddie Brock.

The first scene that appears in the middle of the ending credits sees investigative journalist Eddie - accompanied by his live-in alien chum Venom - driving up to the maximum security prison at San Quentin on his motorbike with a leather jacket on.

Cool, no?

Once he arrives at the jail, it becomes clear that he is there to visit a very high security inmate. In fact, it's Woody Harrelson wearing a large red wig and a straitjacket.

Harrelson plays Cletus Kasady, which should set off some alarm bells in the heads of any serious Marvel heads out there.

Kasady tells Brock: "When I get out of here, there will be...carnage."

Ominous stuff, but what does it mean?

Well, Carnage is another parasitic alien symbiote that has found a way down to earth, just like Venom.

That's bad news for those on the side of good - which sometimes includes Brock and Venom - because Carnage has a host that is already a criminal murderer, so it's not too drastically different a role for Kasady to slip into.

Comic book fans will know that Carnage is Venom's most famous nemesis on the page, so it only makes sense that the people behind the Sony/Marvel joint venture would want to bring him into the universe.

Carnage has also appeared in many of the Spider-Man comics, which potentially adds another dimension - or Universe, if you will, to things.

Whilst it's pretty much confirmed that Sony's Spiderverse and the mainstream Marvel Cinematic Universe will never meet, that doesn't stop people speculating about it online.


Next up for Sony's Marvel adventures will most likely be a film centred around another Spider-Man character, Morbius, The Living Vampire, starring Jared Leto.

After that, who knows? Woody Harrelson has signed up for a second Venom film, and Tom Hardy is contracted for two more.

We could be seeing a lot more ugly alien antiheroes before too much longer.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Marvel

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