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'Venom' Set October Box Office Record With $80 Million Opening Weekend

'Venom' Set October Box Office Record With $80 Million Opening Weekend

The film, starring Tom Hardy, has made a record $80m during the opening weekend

We patiently waited for it and now it's here, breaking records and shit. Yep, I'm talking about Venom.

It hasn't disappointed fans which shows as it's just set the October Box Office record with an $80 million (£60m) opening weekend which came from 4,250 cinemas.

And the film, starring Tom Hardy, hasn't disappointed across the globe either as it's soared to $125.2m (£95.3m), according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It's no wonder really that there have already been talks of a sequel, it seems that its success was almost preempted when the decision was made to tease the possibility in the closing credits.

Without giving anything away, it looks like the next film will see more alien symbiotes similar to the one that inhabits Tom Hardy's character, Eddie Brock.

Sony Pictures/Venom

The first scene that appears in the middle of the ending credits sees investigative journalist Eddie - accompanied by his live-in alien chum Venom - driving up to the maximum security prison at San Quentin on his motorbike with a leather jacket on.

Once he arrives at the jail, it becomes clear that he is there to visit a very high security inmate. In fact, it's Woody Harrelson wearing a large red wig and a straitjacket.

Harrelson plays Cletus Kasady, which should set off some alarm bells in the heads of any serious Marvel heads out there.


Kasady tells Brock: "When I get out of here, there will be...carnage."

Comic book fans will know that Carnage is Venom's most famous nemesis on the page, so it only makes sense that the people behind the Sony/Marvel joint venture would want to bring him into the universe.

Carnage has also appeared in many of the Spider-Man comics, which potentially adds another dimension - or Universe, if you will, to things.

Sony Pictures/Venom

When Collider asked Harrelson about it, he tried to keep things vague but explained: "I'm in a little fraction of this movie, but I'll be in the next one, you know?"

"So I haven't read that script, but anyways, just rolled the dice. I thought it was under wraps that I'm even in the movie."

But explaining what made him want to be involved in the film, he said: "Well, you know, Ruben Fleischer did Zombieland, directed it, so that was a big part of it. And also, Tom Hardy, I really respect and think he's one of the great actors.

"So that, coupled with what is a really wonderful script, I felt like I kind of should, you know?"

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Marvel

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