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Vicky McClure Gives Away Massive Line Of Duty Spoiler On Twitter

Vicky McClure Gives Away Massive Line Of Duty Spoiler On Twitter

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

If you're a fan of Line of Duty and you didn't see last night's episode, then you should 'definately' stop reading now. This is your one chance. Stop.

One of the show's stars, Vicky McClure, has given away a massive spoiler about the latest episode of the gripping cop drama.

Just hours after the show aired on BBC on Sunday night, the actress took to Twitter to congratulate co-star Stephen Graham for his performance throughout this series.

This comes after the Scouser was brutally killed at the end of the shocking episode by his gang when they discover he's a 'rat'.

Sharing a photograph of herself alongside Graham and fellow co-star Martin Compston, she wrote: "I don't want to ruin it with spoilers, but this guy...@StephenGraham73 xxx."

Well, you have. At least for those who haven't seen the episode, that is.

However, those who managed to pause the Bank Holiday festivities and tune into the show when it was actually on were full of praise for Stephen and the team.

One fan wrote: "Amazing episode!!! Edge of the seat stuff! Can't wait for next week keeps getting better and better! Heart rate on Fitbit went through the roof during that episode!! #lineofduty."

A second viewer also put: "Brilliant every minute of every episode, didn't see that end."

A third then said: "Up until Corbett let loose on Hargreaves's legs, I thought he'd make an ace and credible addition to AC12! Alas, it was not to be... damn you Jed (in a good way of course!)"

"OH and myself both screamed out in last night's episode #lineofduty! Can't wait for next week! Great series," added another.

What lies in store for AC-12 after last night's shocking episode?

Spoilers or not, even those who have watched every minute of all five series still don't have a clue what is going on at AC-12.

Things aren't looking too good for Superintendent Ted 'mother of God' Hastings, who is quickly becoming the prime suspect in the chase to unmask the elusive criminal mastermind, 'H'.

And what's the deal with gangster Lisa McQueen? Is she a rat?

We don't have a clue but one thing we do know is there will no doubt be more twists and turns to come in the final two episodes of the series, which the show's stars have called 'the best yet'.

Speaking to LADbible ahead of the series last month, Martin Compston said: "You always hear stupid bands say 'this is the best one', but this is the best one."

He also praised Graham for his performances, adding: "Stephen is incredible in this series, it was a joy to watch him work. He's definitely the scariest guy we've ever been up against."

Don't come at me for the typo. If you know, you know.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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