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What Is Wee Man From Jackass Up To Now?

What Is Wee Man From Jackass Up To Now?

He's been pretty busy since the show finished.



Of course, you'll all remember Jason Acuña - better known by his stage name Wee Man - from MTV's Jackass. Years ago rumours began to circulate about his death - thankfully they weren't true - but if you haven't been keeping up with his life, you might be wondering what the hell he's up to nowadays.

So let's get down to it.

In 2010 he became an owner of a franchise store of the Chronic Tacos restaurant in Redondo Beach, California. Chronic Tacos was originally founded in 2001, starting out as a small store which sold authentic Mexican food. Since then it has opened roughly 35 restaurants in the States.

Credit: PA

In 2012 Wee Man starred in Elf-Man, a Christmas film where he plays a superhero elf. Probably keep that one on the shelf, to be honest.

Last year he appeared in a YouTube video which documented a day in his life. It showed him driving his customised '62 Chevy Impala, as well as shredding on his board and eating some tacos.

If, for some reason, you want to know how Wee Man drives, then click here.

He's also reflected on his time starring in the cult TV series. Earlier this year he talked to VICE ahead of the show's 15 year anniversary.

He said: "I seriously thought maybe one or two episodes would air, and then the network would cut it off. Next thing you know it was fucking huge, man.

"We couldn't even put them out as fast as people wanted them. When it first came out we showed it every Sunday night, and it was to a point where people were like, Jackass is destroying America, one Sunday at a time!"

Adding of the people he worked with: "It's like a real good band. You know when you hear a band come together?

"The music industry can't put a good band together. Nobody can just go and pick dudes, but you see a friendship and you make that music together and that's pretty much the same thing that we did. We figured out how to put everything together and make it like a band."

So there we have it. Here's to Wee man - a LAD and a legend!

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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