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Where Is The Cast of Skins 10 Years Later?

Where Is The Cast of Skins 10 Years Later?

It's been 10 years since Skins first aired on Channel 4 - where has the time gone!?

Skins was the TV show about teenagers that we had all been waiting for - it was iconic, legendary...dare I say zeitgeist? Anyway, it was certainly relatable!


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It managed to be hilarious and heartbreaking, going through serious issues like addiction and abandonment in the most British way ever.

We all wanted to be as confident and smooth as Tony, as good looking as Effy - when deep down inside we know we're a Sid.


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Let's go through the cast and see what they're up to now...

Nicholas Hoult

The teenage cast was headed up by Nicholas Hoult, who played Tony, more eyebrows than face, who was already pretty famous thanks to his breakout role in About A Boy opposite Hugh Grant. We all knew he was going to make it big and he hasn't disappointed - he's most known for playing Beast in the X-Men reboot, most recently Apocalypse, and he's also been seen in Kill Your Darlings and Mad Max: Fury Road. Oh and he's pretty famous for dating Jennifer Lawrence, too.

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What a lovely day? Credit: Warner Bros.

Dev Patel

But it's always the quiet ones; who would have thought that scrawny Dev Patel, who played Anwar Kharral, would have been one of the best known out of the cast? He shot to fame in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire - his first ever film role, and the superstar recently took the lead role in Lion alongside Nicole Kidman. He's still only 26!

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Jack O'Connell

Jack O'Connell played hardliving James Cook in Skins and has since gone on to Hollywood stardom, too. He took the lead role in Angelina Jolie's film Unbroken about Americans in prisoner-of-war camps.

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Dakota Blue Richards

And Dakota Blue Richards played Franky Fitzgerald AFTER nabbing the role of Lyra in The Golden Compass opposite Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman - since then it's been a bit quiet on the acting front, mixing up TV, film and stage.

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Daniel Kaluuya

Most of the cast are still working in British TV, like Daniel Kaluuya who played Posh Kenneth who starred in Charlie Brooker's epic TV show Black Mirror.

Credit: E4

Credit: Zeppetron

Aimee-Ffion Edwards

Aimee-Ffion Edwards, who played Sketch, has now found a home in the amazing Birmingham based TV series Peaky Blinders. She also appeared in Luther.

Credit: Endemol UK

A few others...

Stephen Walters, who starred as Mad Twatter, pops up in Outlander - another great TV series.

Hannah Murray played Cassie and is now on Game of Thrones as Gilly - Samwell Tarly's lady friend!

Joe Dempsie played Chris Miles, who was pretty much the best character on the show. He did a lot of drugs, was in love with his teacher and got abandoned by his mum before dying of a brain haemorrhage. He also plays Gendry on Game of Thrones and...


...he's set to be returning this season!

April Pearson, who was Tony's loyal girlfriend, has been in a slasher movie called Tormented, a few plays and a music video for The Wombats.

Kaya Scodelario played Effy, Nicholas Hoult's girlfriend on the show and went on to get a bit part in Pirates of the Caribbean among others. She's married and has just had a baby.

Sometimes people w,ent on to do other things and give up acting. Mike Bailey, who played socially awkward Sid is now married and living in London, but he's not acting - he works in marketing instead.

Even more unexpectedly, Megan Prescott, who played Katie is now a bodybuilder, and was in a 2016 episode of Body Fixers showing off her muscles. That's quite a turnaround!

And shout-out to Georgina Moffat, who played Abigail. She's now a singer/songwriter and travels round the world doing so.

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