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Woman Makes Awkward Confession On 'Your Face Or Mine?'

Woman Makes Awkward Confession On 'Your Face Or Mine?'


Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Your Face Or Mine? came back for a brand new series on Comedy Central this week. The show was originally on our screens from 2002 to 2003, before presumably being pulled after ruining the lives of its contestants. Let me tell you now, it is fantastic.

If you're new to the show, the concept is pretty simple: couples go on the programme and they are then asked to choose who is better looking between their beloved and someone else. Once they choose, the vote is put to the audience, and if their choice matches that of the audience, they win some cash.

Sounds simple enough, yeah? Except the people they bring out are known to the couple - former partners, siblings etc. - and they've got Jimmy Carr taking the piss out of them.

Who would sign up for this show which is on Comedy Central UK on Wednesdays at 8pm? Well, Charlotte and Harry would sign up for this. They appeared on the show earlier this week.

Here they are:

Credit: Your Face Or Mine?/Comedy Central UK

As a show, it's like it's geared for splitting couples up. At one point, Jimmy asks the pair who they think is the better looking 'half'. They choose Charlotte, and were right to do so, because Charlotte won with a whopping 91 percent to Harry's nine. You alright, Harry?

After suffering through that, Harry's brother, Freddy, is brought out on to the stage and Charlotte is tasked with choosing who she thinks is better looking. Charlotte admits that she thinks Freddy is good looking.

This leads host Katherine Ryan to point out that Charlotte had known Freddy since he was 14. She asks: "At which point did you start thinking this? Like a legal age?"

She then eventually asks the big question: who does she think is better looking? We'll let you watch the answer.

Credit: Your Face Or Mine/Comedy Central UK

Well, that's gotta hurt.

I'm pretty sure Freddy is going to play that clip back to him every chance he gets, too. It's the sort of thing a younger brother would do. It has probably also put Charlotte under a bit of pressure and in an awkward situation.

Luckily, for Charlotte, they at least won the cash, which I guess is going to be some consolation for poor Harry who not only had to deal with being a lot less attractive than his girlfriend, but also the fact she thinks his brother is hotter.

Featured Image Credit: Your Face Or Mine?/Comedy Central UK

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