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​Woman On 'First Dates' Tells Man She’s Been 'Scooped' By Aliens

Chris Ogden

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​Woman On 'First Dates' Tells Man She’s Been 'Scooped' By Aliens

If you're hoping to find the love of your life, telling someone you believe you were abducted by aliens is probably not the best way to make them stick around.

It's up there with saying that George Lazenby was the best James Bond or that Parma Violets are your favourite sweet to pick out of the Swizzels tub. It's just weird. Yet this is what apparently passes for dating behaviour these days after one woman did it on Channel 4's First Dates:

Credit: Channel 4/First Dates


Extraterrestrial-obsessed Emily and model Matt were the latest to take to the restaurant table in last night's episode of First Dates.

The date starts off reasonably enough with Emily asking Matt how he likes his Nandos while the pair are choosing what to get for their meal.

Matt replies with a respectable 'Medium' while Emily says, dead-pan: "Mayo." Given what she later comes out with, that's relatively normal behaviour.

The date takes a turn for the worse, though, as the pair's conversation turns to who they are closer with in terms of their parents.


"I'm a massive mum's boy," Matt admits. "Because of her, that's why I'm honest and truthful."

Emily, however, goes for her dad, calling him her 'inspo' (does anyone actually say "inspo" out loud?). "He's a bit of a geek, into sci-fi, which I actually find really interesting."

"This is where the weird side comes out of you," Matt laughs. You haven't heard the worst of it yet, mate.

"When I was younger I had a scar appear on my leg," Emily goes on. "So then, when you Google it and type in 'alien scoop mark' it is exactly the same. Promise you I'm not weird."


"An alien scoop mark? What is that?" Matt laughs, sounding sceptical. Good question, Matt. We asked the same thing.

Having done said Google search, 'scoop' or 'scoot' marks are apparently scars which appear on abductees overnight 'fully healed, some three inches long'.

This is according to a Facebook group called the 'Disclosure Activists' who believe the government is hiding evidence of aliens. Think your dad's more than just a sci-fi fan, Emily.


With Matt not buying it, Emily then gets up from the table to show him a little white scar on her left leg, asking,: "Can you see it?"

"The fake tan mark? I can see it," Matt laughs, not convinced. "Did you feel like you've been probed by an alien? Did you wake up feeling satisfied?"

"Don't take the mick out of me," Emily replies. Sounds like he has reason to, to be honest.


Surprisingly, the pair said they would see each other again, with Matt even asking Emily whether she kissed on a first date.

If alien conspiracy theories are the sort of thing Matt's into, well, I guess he's got himself a scoop.

Featured Image Credit: First Dates/YouTube

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Chris Ogden
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