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Australian Gamer Beats 'GoldenEye' Record That Stood For 15 Years

Chris Ogden

| Last updated 

Australian Gamer Beats 'GoldenEye' Record That Stood For 15 Years

For LADs who grew up in the 1990s, GoldenEye 007 was probably the first first person shooter they ever played. It remains one of the greatest video games known to man.

The 1997 Nintendo 64 classic, based on the James Bond film GoldenEye, entertained millions, and while more technologically impressive games have followed since, many people are still up for a game of no-radar 'slappers' (that'll be 'unarmed combat', then) in the Library.

Now, 20 years on from the game's release, one player has beaten a long-standing speed-run record on the game which gamers have been unable to touch for the last 15 years.

In 2002, Bryan Bosshardt completed the game's iconic 'Dam' level on Agent (Easy) difficulty in an impressive 53 seconds. Since then, speed-runners have been setting their sights on Bosshardt's record but have been unable to match it.

Karl Jobst, a speed-runner from Australia has not only shown that a repeat is possible by matching Bosshardt's record, but he also bested it by a second.

(It probably helps that notoriously useless sidekick Natalya isn't in the way on this level, what with her penchant for getting shot and all. Otherwise, he would never have managed it.)

As fun as it is to shoot down Arkangelsk's guards on GoldenEye, speed-runners will know that there's no time for gunning baddies down when you have a record to beat.

So that's what Jobst did. In his seven-minute YouTube video, which was originally broadcast live via Twitch, you can see Jobst making Bond leg it through the dam almost unscathed in a mind-boggling 52 seconds.

You can watch the record-breaking moment in the video above, which happens at around the 1.35 mark.

"I'm just shaking! This is insane," Jobst says as he realises he has just become a legend to GoldenEye fans everywhere. "I can't just ... like, I'm pins and needles."

People were so impressed by Jobst's achievement that one person even donated $52 (£39) to Jobst's Twitch stream. A nice tribute, that.

Posting on Reddit afterwards, Jobst revealed that it took him over 250 hours of gameplay to beat Bosshardt's record by one second, adding, "I fucking clutched it!" I'd be chuffed off my tits too, mate.

Of course, records are made to be broken, so we'll just have to see whether some other try-hard will beat Jobst's hard-won GoldenEye 007 achievement in a few years' time.

BRB, just off home to play GoldenEye til my eyes bleed.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Graslu00

Topics: Entertainment, James Bond

Chris Ogden

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