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Fornite Has Already Made $1 Billion In Revenue

Fornite Has Already Made $1 Billion In Revenue


Mike Vaughan

Mike Vaughan

Fortnite is famous as a free-to-play shooter - but stats show that fans actually spend a lot on the game - contributing to its net $300 million profit per month. That net profit has recently led the company break a BILLION dollars in Fortnite revenue.

In fact, nearly 70% of fans have spent money on the game.

According to a recent survey of 1000 players of the game from survey company LendEDU, a whopping 68.8% of those surveyed admitted they had spent money on the game.The most shocking part, though, was the average spend per player, which was a whopping $58.25, including those who don't spend any money on the game.

When you take those players out of the equation, the average spend is $84.67.

In an analysis of Battle Royale games from the data site SuperData, they've uncovered a stunning 625% growth from the genre over the past year. It also predicted that games featuring a Battle Royale mode would be taking 12% of ALL digital games revenue in 2019 - so the fad doesn't seem like it'll be dying out soon.

The majority of in game spending went to new skins and outfits, with 58% of people spending their real-life cash on these items, despite them not actually affecting a player's chances in the game - they are purely aesthetic and yet fans of the franchise seem to be willing to spend more money on them than an entirely new game, which is typically lower than the amount that players will spend on this "free to play" title.

Only 8% of spending went towards "emotes" - dance celebrations of victory - whilst a combined 26% went towards gliders and harvesting tools, the only paid additions that would actually be useful in game.

The survey also found that a quarter of Fortnite players pay monthly subscriptions to Twitch in order to watch other famous players, such as Ninja, tackle the game when they aren't spending time on it.

Epic Games / Ninja

That isn't a lot of time, however, as 32.5 percent of people said they spent between six and ten hours per week on the game. Ten hours breaks down to just one and a half hours every day, though, so perhaps the Fortnite addiction panic isn't as bad as some have imagined.

Only 7.7% were in the highest band range, saying they spent 21 hours a week on the game - though in a study of 1000 people, that's still 77 players playing Fortnite an average of 3 hours a day.

It is bad news for other games manufacturers though - 46.7% of respondents said they felt that the "amount of time [spent] playing other games has dramatically reduced" whilst 27.3% said "Fortnite is the only game I play."

The stats prove that people's interest in the gaming sensation isn't dying out soon, if their spending habits were anything to go by.

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