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​Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Supports GameCube Controllers For Switch

​Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Supports GameCube Controllers For Switch

Thanks to E3, we have learned loads about the new Super Smash Bros. game and competitive players will be happy that they can once again use their favourite controllers.

Yes, GameCube pads will be able to be plugged straight into your Nintendo's portable console but it doesn't mean you have to use these, however, as the usual Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers and a single Joy-Con method is also available.

The Switch needs to be in its docked mode and connected to a GameCube adapter in order for the player to use the retro pad, and will be welcomed news amongst the gaming community.


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Both controllers and adapters will be once again released for general sale but the current Wii U GameCube adapters will work just fine. If you would like a cool little Super Smash Bros. logo on your pad, though, you'll have to buy one of the new ones.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is due to be released on 7 December this year, and the gaming equipment will also be on sale around this time.

Words by: Matthew McGladdery

Featured Image Credit: The Verge/Nintendo

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