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Gamer Gets 'Struck By Lightning' During Twitch Stream

Gamer Gets 'Struck By Lightning' During Twitch Stream

A gamer has said she was struck by lightning while taking part in a Twitch live-stream - check out the footage in the clip below:

Jamie Bickford - known as Karma to her fans - was commentating on Rocket League when all of a sudden she let out a wail, before going quiet and then whimpering in pain.

Her viewers had no clue what had happened during the stream, but she later logged back on to explain what happened and it's pretty bloody weird.


Jamie, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, said: "There's major thunderstorms going on now, in my area, and the house next door to me got struck by lightning. It's not on fire. I don't know what happened.

"The lightning must've hit there and gone through, there's like a metal thing - you guys can't see what I'm talking about - but there's a metal thing that goes down the house, and it must've gone down the house and somehow hit me.

"Not 'hit me', but it went into my controller, and the controller, like, sparked and burned my hand."


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She also shared an update on Twitter, telling her followers that she had spoken to a doctor and that her hands were burned as well as her controller being broken.

In a second update she added: "Hands healed up after being iced all last night and were very minor burns, controller is melted near USB connection here I got flashbanged or w/e and I am COMPLETELY FINE. Thanks for the outpouring of love [sic]."


However, she then announced she would be forced to pull out of an upcoming tournament due to the damage she sustained to her hands, explaining they still felt a 'little sore' and that 'gripping a controller [is] still kinda weird'.

She also shared a photo of her controller that appeared to have a slightly melted USB port - writing alongside it: "Controller that shocked me by the lightning strike... this is so weird".

And here's me thinking that gaming is a perfectly safe activity.

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