'GTA V Online' Gets A Completely Insane Stunt Driving Upgrade

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'GTA V Online' Gets A Completely Insane Stunt Driving Upgrade

Ever since GTA Online was launched for GTA V back in 2013 users have been trying to create as many wacky races as possible.

Anybody who has ever played the game will know exactly just how wild these races can get. Here is a video to give you an idea if you're somehow unsure:

No matter how bizarre it gets though, players are always trying to push the envelope into the realms of absurdity further.


Now Rockstar are helping facilitate the madness though. As the next update for GTA Online comes in the form of 'Cunning Stunts' which is of course fabulously titled.

It will launch next Tuesday, July 12th and will be free like all the other updates.

Rockstar have announced the update will include new Stunt Races that look to be as spectacular as they are ridiculous. These will involve players racing through loops and tubes, or zipping off ramps with super-speed thanks to boosts a la Mario Kart. Players will also drive through massive rings of fire on the courses, which are set in the Los Santos skyline, high above the ground.

"The jumps, gaps, terrain, and obstacles in each Race are tailored to match the attributes of specific vehicle classes, including new Super cars, Sports cars and Motorbikes," Rockstar explained. "And of course, racing livery-clad vehicles deserve appropriately tatted and dressed drivers, sporting new motocross gear, racing suits, helmets and a host of other additions."


Here is a look at what the update will offer.

If racing was always one of your favourite things about GTA V then this will be right up your street, or alternatively in a blaze of fire flying above it.

Words by Matthew Cooper


Lead Image Credit: Rockstar

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