'GTA V' Redux Mod Makes An Already Stunning Game Even More Beautiful

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'GTA V' Redux Mod Makes An Already Stunning Game Even More Beautiful

Grand Theft Auto mods have always been popular with PC users. Back when GTA IV was released in 2008, users were modding it to make it look even better. They kept working on it all the way up to the release of GTA V on PC in 2015. Mods for GTA V ranged from flying whales and tsunamis to pushing the visual output of the game to the very limits.

One mod in particular that's catching the eye is Josh Romito's work-in-progress visual overhaul number, Redux, which has launched a first, lovely-looking trailer and also a release date clip.

This clips featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun a couple of days ago and they are a real party on the retina.

Describing the mod, RPS wrote: "The weather system has been overhauled. For example, textures have been retuned, lighting and shadows are now more realistic, as are blood animations 'for improved speed, and spread', and there's more garbage and debris on the streets, to name but a few of the exhaustive list of improvements. Seeing is believing, though, so you should have a swatch at this:"


As of right now, Redux is scheduled to release on August 26th. That's a fair while off, in which time Romito will no doubt keep working on the mod, so you can expect the finished result to be nothing short of breathtaking.

You can read more about it on Josh's website here.


Words by Matthew Cooper

Lead Image Credit: Josh Romito

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Matthew Cooper
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