Manhunt Might Be Making A Comeback Two Decades Later


Manhunt Might Be Making A Comeback Two Decades Later

An industry insider has teased the possibility that Manhunt could be making an almighty comeback.

Xbox Era's Bruno Costa tweeted to say several games had been added back to the original Xbox marketplace.

Outlining the games, he wrote: "Three years later, some new games were suspiciously added to the old Xbox marketplace: - Dead or Alive 1, 2 and 3 - Manhunt - Max Payne 1 and 2 - Oddworld: Munch's Odyssee - Red Dead Revolver - Star Wars Clone Wars and Episode III - Thrillville."


He then asked: "Anyone hyped for Monday?" In reference to Xbox's 20th anniversary.

In an update, he added: "Every game listed yesterday has received a price today, with the exception of both Star Wars games. Oddworld and Dead or Alive 1 are $10, the rest is $15. DoA 1 and 2 listings were updated to state those are the 'Ultimate' version that was ported to Xbox in 2004."

Commenting on the news, one person wrote: "The fact that Rockstar even remembered Manhunt makes me so happy. Best game ever."


Another added: "Manhunt is my FAVORITE game of all time."

Manhunt starts its story with an inmate who is due to be executed through lethal injection, however, he survives and awakens to a voice in an earpiece telling him to kill criminals across the city to earn his freedom.

The player is rated on the level of their execution - 'hasty', 'violent' and 'gruesome' - and they are able to use a range of weapons from crowbars, to sickles, to plastic bags and others.

Germany and Australia mandated a recall of all copies of Manhunt owing to the disturbing storyline and the player's participation in it, and it is an offence to own Manhunt in New Zealand.


So, the news that the game might be on its way to Xbox once again is certainly interesting.

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