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People Are Making Savage Memes About The New PlayStation 5

People Are Making Savage Memes About The New PlayStation 5

Not everyone is impressed with the design of the new console

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

When something huge is announced - take the PlayStation 5 as a prime example - you can usually gauge audience reaction on arguably the most honest and no f**ks given social media platform out there (Twitter, obvs).

So when Sony unveiled the design of the eagerly-anticipated next-gen console, the internet set about doing it's thing. The results range from pretty savage to hilarious with people comparing it to a number of different things - including a duck's bill:

One person wrote: "ps5 look like if you googled "future space gaming console cool design" in 2009." Got to give it to him.

In summary, it's not that people hate what Sony has created but it's just easy to make fun of it...

The first look at the PlayStation 5 console came last night (11 June) and fans found themselves eye to screen with a curvy, white, futuristic-looking bit of kit.

It was shrouded in secrecy for months but the grand reveal finally came at the end of Sony's PlayStation Future Of Gaming Event.

Sony also confirmed a handful of features for the new console - most of which we've already known about for some time. The console packs a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive, custom AMD GPU, and very impressive SSD that's said to massively reduce loading times. The console also comes with an impressive 10.28 Teraflops of GPU power, which is just shy of the Xbox Series X's 12 Teraflops.

What we didn't know before was that the PlayStation 5 will come in both disc and digital-only models. This isn't much a surprise, given that we seem to be heading towards a disc-less future, but it's cool that Sony gave us the option here.

Unfortunately, we still have no idea exactly how much the console will cost.

We can probably assume the model without a disc-drive will cost a little bit less, but until we hear official word from Sony on pricing we have no way of knowing for sure. Still, we now know exactly what the PlayStation 5 looks like after a very long road. One step at a time, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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