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The 5 Best PlayStation Announcements At E3

The 5 Best PlayStation Announcements At E3

Sony had a lot planned for us this year at E3, but who knew these five games would look so amazing.



We already knew kind of what to expect from Sony's E3 conference thanks to an early reveal but there were definitely some surprises with the content they provided. Here are some of the most exciting announcements we've heard from PlayStation.

Death Stranding

Legendary game designer, Hideo Kojima, who was behind the Metal Gear Solid series, had us all on edge when the first trailer for Death Stranding was revealed and we've been waiting to find out more ever since.

With great actors such as Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Norman Reedus starring in the games trailers, it was apparent that it was going to be nothing but special. Thanks to E3, however, we finally have some gameplay footage and it appears to be a title in a genre all of its own.

Just like Metal Gear Solid was the birth place for stealth video games, Kojima has looks to have created something brand new and has definitely delivered on his promises of it being a unique release. There are these weird baby things, invisible aliens and a planet which is more varied in terrain than anything we've seen before, so definitely check out the footage to get a better idea of what the hell is going on.


It looks like everyone's favourite friendly neighbourhood superhero is finally getting a game which he deserves. It could pass off as a remapping of the Batman Arkham series with the footage we've seen, just with a few more webs to help you get the better of the bad guys.

You can sling your way through the vast skyline city and use objects such as bricks, metal boxes and even yourself to smash your way through your foes and save the day, where your Spidey sense will play a big part in countering oncoming attacks.

It might not be as dark and serious as the Batman series but it will definitely be a lot of fun!

Ghost of Tsushima

This is a game which we really cannot wait to play. The samurai story is not something we really hear of much anymore, and being one of the last of your kind against a full empire will ultimately provide an engaging story.

Stealth, sword mastery, and a bleak yet beautiful landscape will fill up the majority of the game but don't think this will be a walk in the park, as the realism and all important timing will challenge the best of gamers, where blood and gore will always be the outcome.

Resident Evil 2

Does this game need an introduction? The 1998 classic might be 20 years old, but this brand spanking new remake will blow off the cobwebs and provide a brand new scaring experience.

The setting looks like it has changed loads but we think that's pretty great, as you won't know what's waiting round the corner of this redo. There will definitely be a couple of new surprises added in this game, with all the best parts from the original.

The Last of Us Part II

Finally, the one you have all been waiting for. The first release in this franchise was definitely one of the best PlayStation games to ever hit the shelves, and this sequel looks like nothing less than a thrilling release.

With Ellie looking like the main playable character for this new game, there's definitely much more emphasis on our protagonist trying to find vengeance over anything else. The LGBT story given during one of the original game's expansion packs has been carried on into this one, as has the violent deaths which you can cause your enemies.

Stealth, exploding arrows, and machetes to the neck are just part of what we have seen, so buckle up for an action filled follow up which looks as if it will contest the original for the next great game.

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