The new Spiderman game uses United Ireland flag in the game instead of the Tricolour

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The new Spiderman game uses United Ireland flag in the game instead of the Tricolour

The Rubberbandits famously listed the various members of the IRA: Marty Whelan, George Lucas, Colin Farrell, Tony Cascarino, Mick Jagger, Robert De Niro, Quentin Tarantino, Terry Phelan, Dr Dre, yer man out the Da Vinci Code, Kofi Annan, themselves...

Well, they can add the creators of Spiderman to that list, as they apparently support a United Ireland too: that is, if the most recent game is anything to go by. An eagle-eyed gamer has noticed that the flag of Ireland outside the United Nations in the game is not the tricolour flag, but instead the green harp flag, commonly associated with Irish Republicanism - and in a screenshot, Spidey is sat right there atop it.

The green harp flag has gone through interesting phases of use: probably culminating, of course, with being the preferred emblem of Ireland for crime-fighting mutant spiders. It was first used as the flag of the United Irishmen rebellion as far back at 1798, representing the force, both Catholic and Protestant, that fought against the British in the aftermath of the French Revolution.


It was then used as the more moderate Nationalist emblem, as opposed to the Irish Tricolour, which was associated with more radical aspects of the movement. After independence, the green harp flag has been used as the Irish Naval Jack, the flag used to identify Naval Service ships at sea. A slightly darker version is also the flag of Leinster - so maybe in the alternate universe of Spiderman, Leinster has seceded from Ireland and now has its own seat at the UN.

The Reddit thread in which the gamer displayed his findings went down some niche paths - would the Irish-American superhero Daredevil approve of the flag or not? Would he notice, as he's blind? - and is well worth looking up, if only for the commeter who refers to Captain Britain as "The Black Tanther".

If you're the person who wrote that, you have my admiration.

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