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The Ten Most Anticipated Games At E3 2018

The Ten Most Anticipated Games At E3 2018

If you're a serious console, PC, mobile or handheld gamer then you would recognise next week's E3 as the epitome for promoting and letting loose all things unreleased in the gaming world.

It's a time where developers can finally go into detail of the games they've kept under wraps for such a long time, and we'll finally get to see more than just a trailer for some of our most anticipated titles.


Here's a list you can get stuck into which highlights some of the most hyped and our favourite games coming to E3 2018:

The Division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division was an enjoyable opening statement for the series and the sequel will be welcomed with open arms. We'll not dwell too much on what the first game did and didn't deliver on but it obviously had it's up and downs. It's intense firefights and beautiful scenery of a quarantined New York helped make a solid RPG but it lacked new things to do and tasks could get repetitive to say the least. It was updated regularly and did improve a lot from launch, so its certain this new game will showcase everything the developers have learnt.

The sequel will venture outside of Manhattan and will hopefully include an even more enticing scenery, more interesting weaponry and greater customization. The online game play worked pretty well last time and it was a joy to play with friends collecting loot and defeating enemies, so fans will be hoping a similar tone is used for this one.


We'll still have to wait a while to play it, though. The expected release is March 2019, which should be for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Ubisoft's conference is scheduled for Monday, June 11 9pm BST so make sure to tune in if you want to find out more about The Division 2.

Battlefield V

This game really needs no introduction. Battlefield 1 was a hit and this time the action will take place during the second world war. There'll be new game modes, an improved weapon system, and a highly destructible environment. The campaign will also include much deeper stories and the negative attention DICE received for including female soldiers will become a thing of the past.

You'll be able to find out more at the EA conference on Saturday, June 9 7pm BST.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

This is another series that really doesn't need explaining. Call of Duty has been in the hearts of gamers since the stone age and even though more recent titles might not have quite captured what the old games once were, this new release is taking a step in the right direction for multiplayer gamers. The single player campaign is going to be scrapped with all the focus being for online, both for regular game play and the zombies mode, with an expected Battle Royale mode also.

The trailers look exciting and it should be a cracking game but tune into Sony's conference on Tuesday, June 12 2am BST where it's rumoured to be revealed.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima's is known for his work in the Metal Gear Solid series and it's safe to say this new project has intrigued us all. The unforgettable trailers starred Norman Reedus, known for his role as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, and Mads Mikkelsen, who played villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. Not too much has been released on this game as of yet but we know it's a open world action game with the capability multiplayer functions.

Kojima wants to challenge the conventions of action games, such as trying to manipulate the life and death mechanics. When Sam, your character, dies, you're sent to a parallel world, think Stranger Things, but you're completely underwater and everything you've done previous still exists when you go back.

It's actually already available for pre-order but only from a select few retailers, and no bonuses have been included. Let's just hope that they make up for this by blowing us away E3 and maybe more players will be swayed to sign up for an early purchase.

This is a PS4 exclusive so more information will be released during Sony's late conference on Tuesday, June 12 2am BST.

Fallout 76

A mysterious addition to E3 was Bethesda's recent announcement for a new Fallout title. It's rumoured to be an online RPG survival game with the benefit of being in a never seen before part of the Fallout universe. It's supposed to be set only 20 years after the nuclear war instead of a couple of centuries, so it will be interesting to see the primitive survival of the human race post global disaster.

This game will be mentioned Monday, June 10 2:30am BST during Bethesda's conference.

The Last of Us Part 2


Many have tried to replicate the ideologies and gameplay of the PS4 exclusive The Last of Us but the only thing which can really do the job is a sequel of the same game. Joel and Ellie won't be the only playable characters and the trailers for Naughty Dog's latest work make it look much more menacing that the first.

This game will be brought up during Sony's conference on Tuesday, June 12 2am BST.

Skull & Bones

A proper pirate game is something fans of Black Sails and Pirates of the Caribbean have been searching the seven seas for and we thought Sea of Thieves might have quenched that thirst. Unfortunately, the Microsoft exclusive didn't really hit the nail on the head and fans were left with what seemed to be an incomplete game. This title however boats a much more realistic life of a pirate with an expansive single player mode as well as a multiplayer option, but it is much more naval based so you better get used to which is port and which is starboard!

This game will be spoken about during Ubisoft's conference Monday, June 11 9pm BST.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

AC games haven't been as revolutionary as they were back when the Altair and Ezio timelines were in play, but they've always been a solid game to get stuck into. The previous installment threw you into ancient Egypt and it was a satisfying, beautiful addition to the series.

This time, however, fans will be able to travel back in time to Greece and although not a lot has been said on this game, we kind of know what to expect by now. An in depth story with a bunch of side missions and collectibles will keep you occupied at end game with DLC coming later down the line.

Its reported that there will be dialogue options available for the first time in AC history so expect a more personalised experience if you decide to play, with more adapt characters and better all-round game play in a new, exciting period in time.

This game will be spoken about during Ubisoft's conference Monday, June 11 9pm BST.


Superheroes? Check. Open world Manhattan? Check. Engaging combat and well planned story-line? We're not too sure. It should be a promising development for the Spider-Man franchise and creators Insomniac definitely have the capabilities to make it work. Let's just hope it's not another repeat of some of the older Spidey video game releases.

This game will be brought up during Sony's conference on Tuesday, June 12 2am BST.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Who doesn't love a good Lara Croft adventure? The last game was an epic adventure and the darker tone of this new release should provide us with even more fast paced, nerve-wracking moments as Lara gets in deep and dabbles with what seems to be Earth's apocalypse.

Square Enix's conference will be on Monday, June 11th 6pm BST.

Words by: Matthew McGladdery


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