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Which Pokémon Is Being Searched For The Most In Your City?

Which Pokémon Is Being Searched For The Most In Your City?


Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper

Lead Image Credit: The Pokemon Company

Yesterday in Leicester Square I witnessed one group of lads stumble across another bunch of lads, all with phones in hand. Both groups obviously playing Pokémon Go. Instead of simply apologising for bumping into each other, one man wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a bare chest looking straight out of an early backstreet Boys video said 'I heard there's a Raichu in the area,' to a member of the other group.

This statement of course piqued the interest of the other group, thus the two groups of two became a four and they set off to scour the West End in search of an imaginary electric mouse thing.

Staring into my feta and mascarpone panini from EAT I thought two things...

  1. That's one of the saddest but also one of the most communal things I've seen in a long while.
  2. Since turning vegetarian, consuming food has become more of a chore than a pleasure to be quite honest.

I also found a Squirtle in Central London and I havent't seen one anywhere else. It got away, so I sadly trotted off down to the London Underground where the vacuum of hot hell hit me and nearly set me on fire.

But as Pokémon fever continues to sweep the nation (haters, it's looking like this could last a while), what are the most sought after Pokémon in each city?

Well Music Magpie has been researching it, presumably because no-one is sending the company their old CDs anymore after everyone stopped buying them about five years ago.

Unsurprisingly, Pikachu is the UK's most wanted Pokémon, with Cardiff, Sheffield and Nottingham all hunting for the little yellow fella.

Credit: Music Magpie

The results were collected using Google search query data and here is the full list of the others:

London - Zapdos

Norwich - Mewtwo

Newcastle - Dratini

Bristol - Beedrill

Birmingham - Ditto

Southampton - Chansey

Leeds - Mewtwo

Sunderland - Moltres

Edinburgh - Articuno

Glasgow - Staryu

Manchester - Onix

Liverpool - Mew

Credit: Music Magpie

Are you in Leeds and have you found a Mewtwo? Please let us know.

Words by Matthew Cooper

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