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Guitar Hero Gamer Completes Through The Fire And Flames At 275 Percent Speed For New World Record

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Guitar Hero Gamer Completes Through The Fire And Flames At 275 Percent Speed For New World Record

A gamer has set a new world record after completing ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ on Guitar Hero at an incredible 275 percent speed.  

CarnyJared is a Twitch streamer known for playing Guitar Hero games via Clone Hero and filming himself in action, having become fairly renowned online for his flair. 

He's no stranger to 'Through The Fire And Flames', widely regarded as the hardest song out there, having recently tackled it while eating a ghost chilli pepper

Dragonforce's riff-laden odyssey is a five-minute test of endurance, dexterity and skill – to get through the song on any difficulty was an achievement in itself. To do it on Expert mode required a special dedication. To finish it on Expert without missing a single note? That puts you on another level entirely. 


But now CarnyJared has pushed himself even further by completing the song at 275 percent speed – in turn setting a new record.  

Posting a video of his feat on YouTube, he wrote: “THIS CAME OUTTA NOWHERE LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” 


The gamer added: “I think I might be able to push this just a little further, but getting past the solo is unbelievably hard.” 

Needless to say, people were IMPRESSED. 

One person commented: “Absolute madman. I couldn't help but laugh halfway through this like how is this even possible.” 

Someone else wrote: “Man looks like he's pretending to play when in reality the game is pretending to keep up with him. Insane. Fantastic work.” 

Credit: YouTube/CarnyJared
Credit: YouTube/CarnyJared

The video was also posted on Reddit, where it garnered more than 11,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments - including one from someone who quipped: "He's probably played this song more times than the actual members of Dragonforce."

Someone else said they wanted to know what happened 'when his right hand goes up to the fret board buttons. It looks as though he's just rolling across the five buttons', at which point CarnyJared himself popped up to explain: "Basically guitar hero controllers back in the day had terrible latency that didn’t allow for specific techniques, and since we have way better hardware these days we can do stuff like slide all four fingers of one hand up the fret board while holding green on the other hand and it inputs a ton of hammer-ons if you time it right. So in the fast hammer-on sections where you see me sliding, I’m trying to input as much as I possibly can since there’s no stamina saving way to hit all of it.

"I hope that explains it well! We have advanced this game into oblivion haha."



Featured Image Credit: YouTube/CarnyJared

Topics: Gaming, Music

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