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Here's The Real Reason Why 'The Dark Side' Have Red Lightsabers

Here's The Real Reason Why 'The Dark Side' Have Red Lightsabers

The more you know...

A new Star Wars novel has revealed the real reason why lightsabers are different colours.

Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston came out last week and the novel goes into detail regarding why those who are on the Dark Side have red lightsabers.

Uproxx revealed that the colour comes from the kyber crystal. This crystal is used in lightsabers and also by the Death Star. You can only find a crystal when it chooses to make itself visible. And they only show themselves to those who use the force.


Basically, anyone on the Dark Side can't come by the crystals 'honestly' and have to steal them. The crystals aren't happy about this at all, and when they're stolen, they 'bleed'. When this happens, they're red. Permanently.

As we've seen in the movies, those who aren't on the Dark Side have a much wider selection of colours. Well, green, white or blue. However, we have to bear in mind that Samuel L. Jackson specifically asked for a purple one and that's why his is different. I wouldn't want to be the director who said no to Sammy Jackson.


You can buy the novel from Amazon here.

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