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Jimmy Carr Mistaken For Alan Carr On A Train

Jimmy Carr Mistaken For Alan Carr On A Train

Jimmy Carr is many things, but Alan Carr is not one of them

A man on the train filmed himself having a celebrity encounter, but ended up making a fool of himself by mistaking comedian and TV host Jimmy Carr for another comedian and TV host, Alan Carr. You can check out this awkward meeting in the video below.

Of course, it’s likely that the person who filmed the whole thing was having a little joke at Jimmy’s expense, but maybe he genuinely did just get it mixed up and thought that the 8 Out of 10 Cats presenter was his fellow celebrity namesake.

In the short clip, the man walks up to Carr – who has his feet on the seats, which isn’t a great look – and says ‘there’s that Alan Carr’.

As he approaches, he starts up a brief conversation with Carr, who eventually looks up from his phone to engage with him.

Carr took out his headphone and the man asked him: “Did anyone ever tell you [that] you look like Alan Carr a bit?”

Jimmy – wincing slightly – responded: “It’s Jimmy Carr.

“You’re very close.”

Feet off the seats, Jimmy. Credit; TikTok
Feet off the seats, Jimmy. Credit; TikTok

Then, the pair enjoyed a brief fist bump, during which the filming man said that he looked ‘sick’.

The exchange was later shared on TikTok, where it has been liked nearly 95,000 times, attracting nearly 1,000 comments, most of which are about Jimmy having his feet up on the seat.

One person, who clearly thinks that the man with the camera is having a laugh, said: “How can you be a comedian and not recognise a great joke?”

Another person said: “I’m genuinely so jealous would’ve sat down and had a whole conversation with him.”

Jimmy is probably used to this joke.

A third wrote: “He’s probably had half a million people say this to him.

“I’m sure he’s more than prepared on how to respond.”

Either way, he definitely seemed to take it in his stride.

After all, being one of the most recognisable faces on British telly must mean that he is well used to being spotted and approached whilst he’s out and about.

Jimmy himself even once got in on the act, photobombing a group of friends whilst they were out in Glasgow.

The picture was later shared on Twitter, where the user captioned it: "Not everyday Jimmy Carr ruins pic time."

Exactly what he was doing there, or why he decided to get in on the pic, isn’t immediately clear, but he obviously doesn’t mind putting himself into that position.

At least they got his name right.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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