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Jimmy Carr Shuts Down Anti-Vaxxer Who Was At His Gig With Just One Line

Jimmy Carr Shuts Down Anti-Vaxxer Who Was At His Gig With Just One Line

The comedian has just filmed his Netflix special His Dark Material, and in typical Carr style he couldn't resist taking the p**s

Jimmy Carr has slated an anti-vaxxer who turned up to one of his gigs. You can see the moment here:

The comedian has just filmed his Netflix special His Dark Material and in typical Carr style he just couldn't resist taking the p**s. 

During the show, which lands on Netflix on Christmas Day, Carr asks the audience: “Let’s talk about the controversial thing, the vaccine. 

“Who’s not going to take the vaccine because they think it might be dangerous? Raise your hands.”

While most hands stay down, the odd one of two do pop up, prompting Carr to single one out before saying: “Now take that hand and slap yourself in the f***ing face. 

“Hear that? It was the voice of f***ing reason, wasn’t it?”

Carr went on: “The spread of Covid was directly linked to how dense the population is,” he then pointed towards the anti-vaxxer adding: “And some of the population are really quite f**king dense.” Ouch. 


But I think it's safe to assume Carr won't spend too much time worrying if he’s offended the audience member,as the comedian recently revealed that he’s fairly confident he’s already told a career-ending joke. 

Speaking to LADbible back in September, he said: "It's a weird thought to think everything I've ever done is being watched today, by someone.

"It's all out there, people are clicking on it, and watching it, and enjoying it. And it's all perfectly acceptable, until one day, it isn't.

"But I suppose that's a reason to relax and sit back and enjoy, because you kind of go, 'Well, it's already out there. The line that ends my career, I've already said it, nothing I can do about it now. Relax'.

"And it's OK, because it was a joke, and jokes are these very special things where you take a very serious thing lightly, and you try and process it and get through it through humour."


He continued: "If you think I'm funny, you're right. If you think I'm not funny, you're right.

"Your sense of humour is like your taste in food, or your sexual preferences. Some people like it mild: plain meat and potatoes, no gravy please - it's a bit too much.

"And some people like the spicy stuff, they like crazy curries and kinky sex. Great, rough comedy. Fabulous.

"As long as it's all consensual, I've got no problem."

His Dark Material arrives on Netflix on 25 December.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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