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Jonah Hill’s Tattoos And Their Meaning Explained

Jonah Hill’s Tattoos And Their Meaning Explained

Jonah Hill flashed his chest tattoo at the Don't Look Up premiere and fans want to know what it means.

After Jonah Hill appeared in Netflix’s latest hit movie Don’t Look Up, fans have honed in on his tattoos - and he’s got a fair few of them. So, we’ve written a guide to Jonah Hill’s inkings and what they all mean. 

What does Jonah Hill’s chest tattoo mean? 

Jonah Hill and his girlfriend wear matching suits at the premiere of Don't Look Up. His chest tattoo was on display. (

Curiosity about this tattoo piqued when Jonah Hill made his red carpet appearance for Don’t Look Up wearing a blue Gucci suit with no shirt underneath, which revealed his chest tattoo in all of its glory. 

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The tattoo is of an image of a pirate ship (also known as a clipper ship) with a wolf head and a panther head on either side of it. 

Jonah hasn’t explicitly explained the meaning behind this tattoo, but a quick Google search tells us that the clipper ship tattoo is a popular image used to express new beginnings or a sense of adventure. Given that Jonah has spoken out about finally embracing himself for who he is and expressing that, the ship tattoo could very well represent that.

In 2018, when he spoke in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Jonah said, "I feel like I spent my whole 20’s trying to be what people wanted me to be, and I didn’t know who I was.

"And the past couple years have been amazing, in the way of like, I’m just going to be myself."

Several sources have said most of the actor’s tattoos are done by Bert Krak of Brooklyn’s Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in New York, to whom he gave a shout out to during the Jimmy Kimmel interview.

Jonah Hill’s other tattoos and their meanings

Jonah Hill also has numerous arm tattoos, all undoubtedly with a meaning attached to them.

He’s got a ‘Hello Beanie!’ tattoo on one of his arms, which is dedicated to his sister, Beanie Feldstein and is a nod to a part she played in the Broadway show Hello Dolly

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There’s also a character holding a magic eight ball and a skull wearing a cowboy hat and neck scarf. We’re not sure what these mean exactly, but a magic eight ball is usually associated with chance and both good luck and bad luck and a skull is traditionally a symbol of death. 

Jonah also has two halves of a knife or sword on the back of his left forearm.

On his other arm, there’s a Bart Simpson skull and crossbones and a hand with the words “body love” written on, which we assume is another nod to Jonah embracing who he really is and learning to have self-acceptance.

Jonah has various other less distinguished tats on his arms too, including a heart and a large piece on his forearm. 

Jonah has also got a matching tattoo with musician Bad Boy Nak. 

Jonah Hill appeared in the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep, which was released on 24th December 2021.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Instagram @jonahhill

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