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Who Is LadBaby? Net Worth, Wife And How He Got Famous

Who Is LadBaby? Net Worth, Wife And How He Got Famous

LadBaby is on track to setting a new world record with his Christmas song 'Sausage Rolls for Everyone.'

If you’ve been online or listened to the radio lately, you’d have undoubtedly heard the name LadBaby. He’s a YouTuber from Nottingham who’s now teamed up with Ed Sheeran and Elton John to create the official Christmas number one for 2021.

Who is LadBaby and how did he become famous?

LadBaby is the online pseudonym for 34-year-old graphic designer, author and YouTuber, Mark Hoyle, from Nottingham. 

Mark and his wife have become known for creating novelty Christmas songs and they’re on track to becoming the world-record holders for four consecutive years of being the Christmas number one with ‘Sausage Rolls for Everyone.’

LadBaby is currently one of only three acts in the world to hold a Christmas number one three years in a row, alongside the Spice Girls and the Beatles and nobody has ever done it for four years. Starting in 2018 with ‘We Built This City,’ LadBaby reached number one the following two years with ‘I Love Sausage Rolls’ and in 2020 with ‘Don’t Stop Me Eatin’.’

For Christmas 2021, LadBaby has produced a reworking of Ed Sheeran and Elton John’s ‘Merry Christmas,’ which they’ve titled ‘Sausage Rolls for Everyone.’ All proceeds from the track go to charity.You can watch it in the video player below.

Other than knocking the world’s biggest musicians off the top spot at Christmas, LadBaby typically uses his YouTube to post lifestyle vlogs about being a dad. Mark’s wife often appears alongside him in the videos.

Who is LadBaby’s wife?

Mark is married to Roxanne Hoyle, who appears in lots of his videos on YouTube. 

Roxanne Hoyle is Mark 'LadBaby' Hoyle's wife. (

Mark and Roxanne got married in 2015 by eloping in Las Vegas. They have two sons: Phoenix, born 2016, and Kobe, born 2018. 

Mark owes his internet success to blogging about becoming a first-time dad. He began vlogging about becoming a parent while Roxanne was pregnant with their first son in 2016. The name LadBaby comes from the fact that Mark was a ‘Lad’ who was about to have a ‘baby’ for the first time.

What is LadBaby’s net worth?

LadBaby’s net worth isn’t confirmed, but it’s reported that it’s around the £1.5 million mark - not bad for somebody who sings about sausage rolls.

That figure comes as no surprise though, with LadBaby having more than one million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Instagram. In 2021, Roxanne collaborated with online fashion retailer In The Style, which proves that the couple are already cashing in on brand endorsements and partnerships as a result of their internet stardom.

LadBaby’s Christmas 2021 single ‘Sausage Rolls for Everyone’ is available to download and play now, with all proceeds going to the Trussell Trust.

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