Nine Apes Receive Coronavirus Vaccine At San Diego Zoo

Nine Apes Receive Coronavirus Vaccine At San Diego Zoo

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Amazon Prime Set To Release AFL Docuseries Called 'Making Their Mark'

Amazon Prime Set To Release AFL Docuseries Called 'Making Their Mark'

If there's one thing sports fans are constantly screaming out for, it's to be 'closer to the action'.

Whether that's in a literal sense by getting the best seats in the house at live games or by wanting to know each and every little detail about your favourite team or player, there is always a desire to be as close to the sport as possible.

Either way, giving fans a glimpse into what life is like behind closed doors of sports franchises is now a prerequisite in the modern sporting world - even Michael Jordan got in on the act.

That's why Amazon Prime Video is giving us the goods and doing a documentary series about AFL.


The streaming service is keeping the good times rolling after the success of The Test, which was centred around the rebirth of Australian cricket after the infamous 'Sandpaper Gate' scandal and was one of the best sports documentaries of recent times.

Well, if you liked that, then you'll love their new original docuseries called Making Their Mark.

The show will closely follow some of the biggest names in the AFL as they battle through 2020 both on and off the field.

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In what has been a difficult year for us all, it's no secret that sports teams across the globe were forced to adapt to the trickier times. And all 18 AFL teams were no exception.

The seven-part doco, which will launch on March 12 next year, will provide unprecedented access to the inner-workings of AFL clubs and how they handled the constantly-evolving Covid-19 situation.

It will touch on the relocation of the Victorian-based teams to entirely different states, the impact of playing in empty stadiums, how clubs dealt with a 12-week layoff and the physical demands of a very condensed season.

Throw in a brand new venue for the AFL Grand Final, and it's clear this year's season was successfully completed against all odds.


Making Their Mark director Gil Marsden said in a statement: "Making Their Mark is a true celebratory snapshot of the 2020 AFL season.

"We were not only able to showcase the best of the best players at the top of their game, also the teams' resilience on their road to victory. We could never have predicted when filming began the severe impact that COVID-19 would have on Australia, the AFL or our production."

We can't wait for this one.

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