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Archer Season 11 Premieres Today And He's Finally Out Of His Coma

Archer Season 11 Premieres Today And He's Finally Out Of His Coma

Fans of the hit series Archer will be rejoicing today as the show's eleventh season drops.

Ever since season eight, viewers have been taken on a wild and bizarre journey through the spy master's mind.

Instead of the world's greatest secret agent stopping dastardly plots to take over the world, Sterling Archer has taken on a variety of different storylines across a couple of different genres.


But for season 11, he will finally be waking up from his coma and will be back at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), a fictional New York-based intelligence agency.

After being asleep for three years, he discovers that a lot has changed.

His mother, Malory (Jessica Walter), has reopened the spy agency, which had to shut after it was revealed it wasn't ever sanctioned by the US government.

While it's exciting that Archer has returned, his colleagues don't exactly jump for joy when he steps out of the elevator. Sterling also has to compete with a much buffer looking Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell).

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Malory has also introduced a strict no-drinking policy at work, which is seriously at odds with Archer's rampant alcoholism. No doubt this will provide a hell of a lot of laughs.

Credit: FX
Credit: FX

Archer Will Be Coming Out Of His Coma For Season 11

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It will be a marked change from the last few seasons which have received mixed reviews from critics and viewers.

As a result of gunshot wounds Archer sustained at the end of season seven, writers decided to plunge him into a coma, where he could play out fun and weird storylines that weren't related to being a secret agent.


There was a film noire season where Archer was a detective investigating the death of his partner in 1947 Los Angeles. The ninth season, dubbed Danger Island, saw the usual crew living on an island set in 1938. The next instalment was called 1999 and had the team set in space, with Sterling playing a salvage freighter, co-captaining a ship with his ex-wife Lana.

The season will premiere via FXX today (16 September), before airing via FX on Hulu the next day.

Featured Image Credit: FX

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