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Britney Spears Can Sign Her Own Estate Documents For The First Time In 13 Years

Britney Spears Can Sign Her Own Estate Documents For The First Time In 13 Years

It's another massive win for the pop star as she slowly regains her freedoms.

Hannah Blackiston

Hannah Blackiston

Britney Spears has won another battle in her fight towards independence, securing the right to sign her own estate documents.

This marks the first time in 13 years that the pop icon has been in control of her own finances.

Britney and her lawyers have been going through the final pieces of the legal arrangement that began when her conservatorship was finally terminated last month.

The road to ending the conservatorship kicked off in 2019 when the #FreeBritney movement began following allegations she had ceased performing because she was being held in a facility by her father against her will.

ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Live News

A hearing was held in the US this week which looked at how things will proceed following the termination, with Britney's father and former co-conservator, and her temporarily assigned conservators disagreeing with the final steps.

Jodi Montgomery and John Zabel, Britney's temporary conservators, have accused Jamie Spears of 'planting a term' in a proposal for how the conservatorship will end which would have seen Britney having to go through the court system for 'basic estate planning changes'.

"Mr Spears, the disgraced, suspended former conservator who continues to improperly seek to bolster his reputation at his daughter's expense, has shown that he is not such a reasonable person," they said at the time.

They also accused him of planting listening devices in Britney's room, which is gross if true and we should again remember she is a 40-year-old woman.

Jamie Spears' lawyers have disagreed with the allegations from Montgomery and Zabel and accused them of cashing in on 15 minutes of fame off the back of the celebrity trial.

Britney has been able to speak openly about what she endured over the last 14 years following the end of her conservatorship, saying on Instagram she believes her family should be in jail.

"I do know how embarrassing is to share the fact I've never seen cash or wasn't able to drive my car ...." she said.

"But honestly it still blows my mind every day I wake up how my family and the conservatorship were able to do what they did to me ... it was demoralizing and degrading !!!!"

She continued: "I'm not even mentioning all the bad things they did to me which they should all be in jail for ... yes including my church going mother !!!!"

At the hearing on Wednesday, Judge Brenda Penny, who granted Britney's request to end the conservatorship last month, granted an interim motion that allows the singer to sign her own estate paperwork.

Another hearing in January will review how the legal fees are paid in the case, with Jamie Spears pushing for Britney's estate to cover them.

An attorney for Zabel said in court on Wednesday that if Britney is okay with paying the fees, they're ok with that.

I don't really understand how a woman who just won the right to her own freedom in 2021 should pay the legal fees for the people who were holding that right from her, but I'm not a lawyer so what do I know.

There is one final decision, aside from the fee structure that needs to be approved, which will also be discussed next year before the conservatorship can fully be dissolved.

That involves a petition which will decide how Britney's temporary conservators can assist her in transferring assets to her estate.

The next hearing is scheduled for January 19, 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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