Man Presumed Dead Wakes Up And Screams As His Blood Is About To Be Drained
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Documentary About One Of Australia's Most Infamous Serial Killers Is Dropping This Month

Documentary About One Of Australia's Most Infamous Serial Killers Is Dropping This Month

Stan has dropped a trailer for the chilling documentary series about one of Australia's most infamous serial killers.

After The Night looks absolutely bone-chilling and we'll get to feast our eyes and ears on the series when all the episodes drop at the end of this month.

Eric Edgar Cooke savagely murdered eight people in Australia in the 1950s and '60s and his crimes earned him the nickname 'The Night Caller'.

He terrorised Perth with his murders as well as at least 16 other violent crimes that included hit-and-runs, stabbings, stranglings, and shootings.


The path to catching him resulted in two people being wrongly accused of Cooke's crimes and After The Night delves into the police investigation. It will also speak to some of the victim's loved ones and see how those violent deaths changed them forever.

The series has been created and directed by Perth-born Thomas Meadmore, who has explained his own personal connection to the man who made people in the city fearful of going to sleep.

He told Stan: "Growing up, Mum's tale of the man who randomly knocked on the neighbours' door in the night and shot the person who answered terrified me.


"It's been an incredible experience exploring his heinous crimes and the lasting impact they've had on the entire Perth community. This is a story that needed to be told and you won't want to miss it."

All the episodes will drop at once on November 29 on Stan.

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Police managed to nab Cooke when they found an abandoned rifle in Geraldton wax bush on Rookwood Street, Mount Pleasant, in August 1963.


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After doing a ballistics test, they confirmed the rifle had been used in one of Cooke's murders. They left it sitting there and staked out the location to see if anyone picked it up.

Sure enough, Cooke arrived and was arrested when he tried to pick up the gun.

Credit: Stan
Credit: Stan

He eventually confessed to eight murders, 14 attempted murders and a shocking 250 burglaries. Police noted he had an incredible memory and could recount everything he had stolen.


Cooke tried to plead not guilty on the grounds of insanity and schizophrenia, however a medical examiner declared he was perfectly sane. He was convicted of murder in 1963 and was sentenced to death by hanging. Cooke was allowed to appeal the sentence, however instructed his lawyers not to go down they route because he wanted to pay for his crimes.

He was hanged on October 26, 1964 in Fremantle Prison and also admitted to murdering two more people just 10 minutes before his death.

Cooke was the last person to be hanged in Western Australia.

Featured Image Credit: Stan

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