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Eminem Hits Back At Gen Z For Trying To 'Cancel' Him

Eminem Hits Back At Gen Z For Trying To 'Cancel' Him

Zoomers attempted to 'cancel' 48-year-old Eminem because of his past lyrics.

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch

They came for our skinny jeans, then they came for our side parts, but when Gen-Z TikTok users came for Eminem, it was the last staw for both Millenials and the Rap God himself.

In case you missed it, Gen-Z - also known as 'Zoomers' - attempted to 'cancel' 48-year-old Eminem because of his past lyrics, while seemingly being unaware of the hip hop icons past savagery as well as the fact the rapper thrives on stirring the pot.

More specifically, they took issue with his 2010 banger Love The Way You Lie, the song he did with Rihanna, over the lyrics: "If she ever tries to f***king leave again, I'ma tie her/to the bed and set this house on fire."


The reason for this is that they said it glorified toxic relationships and violence against women - though they clearly didn't research enough to see that Megan Fox, who appeared in the music video for the song, donated her appearance fee to a women's shelter for domestic violence.

Rihanna even told Access Hollywood at the time of the song's release: "The lyrics were so deep, so beautiful and intense. It's something that I understood, something I connected with."

For his part, Eminem also said at the time that he felt it was an issue that needed to be addressed.

"Trying to make this tough subject work visually is a challenge," he admitted. "It was great to have Rihanna, Megan on board for this. They really brought it and made this video super-powerful."

If Zoomers are clutching pearls over this line, who knows how they'll react if they ever listen to Stan or Kim?!

Now, following Millenials going on the attack at the younger crowd for dissing their favourite artist on their eight-song burned CD downloaded from Napster in the year 2000, the My Name Is hitmaker has joined in on the fun, taking aim at cancel culture in his new track Tone Deaf.

"Tone Deaf, an animated video, is a track off Eminem's 2020 album, "Music to Be Murdered By -- Side B," Rolling Stone reported of the release.

In the track, Eminem raps: "I can't understand a word you say (I'm tone-deaf)/ I think this way I prefer to stay (I'm tone-deaf)/ I won't stop even when my hair turns grey (I'm tone-deaf)/ 'Cause they won't stop until they cancel me."

Fellow high-profile names have now come out in staunch support of the hugely successful rapper, with The View co-host Meghan McCain writing on Twitter: "Eminem will not be cancelled. Come at me Z's."

Your move, Zoomers.

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