Gordon Ramsay Launches Range Of Hard Seltzers And The Flavour Names Are Very On Brand


Gordon Ramsay Launches Range Of Hard Seltzers And The Flavour Names Are Very On Brand

Move over White Claw, because celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is about to take over the hard seltzer game with his very own range of beverages.

Working closely with Brew Pipeline and Global Brews of London to bring his boozy vision to life, Ramsay said of his latest venture: "Yes, even I enjoy a hard seltzer after a long day, so I decided to toss the devil horns into the ring and heat things up!

"Hell's Kitchen will never freeze over, but a cold Hell's Seltzer is a great start."

Hell's Seltzer...brilliant.

Credit: Brew Pipeline
Credit: Brew Pipeline

The best part, though, are the names of the drink's flavours, which have been inspired by popular menu items from Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen restaurants.

The flavours include Berry Inferno (a mix of peach, blueberry, and raspberry), Knicker Twist (a blend of passionfruit, pineapple, and orange), Mean Green (a fusion of kiwi, lime, mint, and pineapple), and That's Forked (a sweet combination of key lime, vanilla, and graham).


We'd also love if there were a flavour dubbed 'Idiot Sandwich', but these will do.

The boozy bevs will hit shelves in early 2021, with Australia hopefully being included among the countries to receive the delicious-looking drinks.

The seltzers each contain 5.5% ABV and are gluten-free and will be available in a 12-pack variety pack for around $16, so you can get a taste of each of the unique flavours.

Cheers to that!


Gordon probably got the shock of his life this week when his daughter Tilly revealed she actually prefers her mum's cooking. The revelation happened during a TikTok challenge.


The premise is fairly simple, Tilly and her dad dance about while two options flash up on the screen.

If you like the left option, you leave the screen to the left, and if you like the right option more you leave to the right.


In the video, they reveal some character traits about themselves, including - shock horror - the fact that Gordon Ramsay likes expensive wine, and that Tilly prefers going out on the town to staying in.

However, the real divide is spotted when 'mum's cooking' and 'dad's cooking' come up at the top of the screen.

While Gordon obviously goes off towards his own cooking, Tilly leaves the screen at the opposite side, indicating she prefers her mum's cuisine to her famous dad's scran.

Featured Image Credit: Brew Pipeline

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