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Wimbledon 2019 Tickets: How To Apply And Buy Tickets With Ticketmaster

Wimbledon 2019 Tickets: How To Apply And Buy Tickets With Ticketmaster

There are still plenty of Wimbledon tickets up for grabs

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

Wimbledon 2019 is well underway, with thousands of people from around the world flocking to SW19 to take in the unique experience of one of England's most prestigious events. If you've been watching it on the TV like the rest of us and wished that you'd had the chance to get involved you'll be happy to know that it's not too late. Despite the ballot closing for Wimbledon 2019 in December 2018, you can still get tickets. Perhaps you could be watching the dream team of Serena Williams and Andy Murray. We've got all the information on how you can get your grubby little hands on them.

He walks away with two Wimbledon wins, a US Open title and two Olympic medals.

How can I get tickets for Wimbledon 2019?

Yes, the ballot closed a long time ago, but don't fret, Wimbledon is one of the only major sporting events in the UK which allows you to buy tickets on the same day of play. You'll have to be super early to be in with a chance though. People from around the world travel to SW19 as early as 7am to queue up for hours - they must really like tennis.

There's only a limited number of tickets available daily for the main courts, except for the last four days on Centre Court which are sold in advance.

Ground Passes are made available throughout the duration of the competition, so you can sip a Pimms on Murray Mound or take in some of the action on the outside courts.

If you're feeling lucky, you could even scoop up a ticket online the day before first serve on some courts.

You'll need to get yourself over to Ticketmaster where a fortunate few will have access to a limited number of returned and reserved tickets for Court 3 and Centre Court.

Cori Gauff celebrates her win against Venus Williams on day one of the Wimbledon Championships.

What about the queues?

If you're after a Ground Pass then you will have to queue. The queues are so long that they've become famous. Once you get there, you'll be given a queue card, then you join the back of the queue and wait. If you keep one eye on Wimbledon's social media accounts, you'll have an idea of how long you'll have to wait on each given day. It's first-come, first-served (no pun intended) so bring a sleeping bag.

How much are tickets?

Ground Passes can cost between £8 and £25 depending on which day you want to visit. The longer the tournament goes on, the less matches they'll be, which means that you could get in for less than £10 in the final few days, just to have some strawberries and cream on Murray Mound.

If you're after a ticket for the show courts, you'll have to cough up £56 for Centre and £43 for No1 and No2.

Laura Siegemund gets blasted at Wimbledon 2019
Wimbledon; BBC

If you're planning on heading down, make sure you stay away from the sprinkler system, they have a habit of blasting people into oblivion.

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