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Iggy Azalea Paid £52 For A Grilled Cheese Sandwich In A Las Vegas Hotel And She's Not Happy

Iggy Azalea Paid £52 For A Grilled Cheese Sandwich In A Las Vegas Hotel And She's Not Happy

Grilled cheese restaurants seem to be popping up everywhere. For a fistful of cash, you can buy a plain one, one with beans on, or you could even chuck a sausage on for an extra fiver if you like. Whoever came up with the idea must be a genius, getting people to pay through the nose for two slices of bread and a bit cheese when you could buy a whole loaf and Lancashire's finest for less. Well, if you thought prices were expensive in Europe, Las Vegas has taken it a step or two further as singer Iggy Azalea, found out the hard way

She took to Twitter to complain, and rightly so, by saying that she was charged $54 (£44) for a grilled cheese sandwich. Now, even the most hipster grilled cheese bars would struggle to sell their ham and cheese combo for that much.

To make matters worse, she was charged an additional $10.08 (£8) for the use of a knife and fork. What kind of psychopath uses a knife and fork to eat cheese on toast?


Despite being a famous artist, Iggy still keeps it real and tried to look at the bright side of the situation, exclaiming that she'd received a free bucket of ice. Apparently she hadn't paid the addition ice charge as the bucket came empty.

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After a fan suggested that she should "take the TV off the wall and put it in your LV duffle" Iggy responded by saying: I'm wrapping the HDMI cords up as I type this". Great multitasking Iggy.


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She then came up with a master plan to recoup her money by selling the empty bucket. She wrote: "For Sale: Mid century - modern vessel. A transitional piece with Sleek lines & mild wear. $104.00".

Now, the internet is a weird, and occasionally awful place, so it wouldn't surprise us if anyone actually tried to purchase the bucket. After all, hundreds of creepy YouTube fans recently raced to the checkout to buy Belle Delphine's bath water for £24 a pop.

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